9 Inspiring photos of girls who overcame anorexia


Seeing the transformation for a person's weight loss may be incredible, but for those struggling with an eating disorder, the real win is in gaining weight.

Check out these incredible images and stories of women who won their battle and became their own heroines.

Heather Franks was so thin that the doctors wanted her to stay in the hospital. One day she decided to enter a restaurant where nobody knew her and she allowed herself to eat a piece of pizza. Once he remembered how delicious his favorite foods were, he went back to eating until he reached a healthy weight.

Lauren Bailey came to weigh 22.5 kilos. She began to suffer from anorexia when she was a teenager and suffered for ten years. He was forced to walk more than twelve hours to avoid gaining weight. After spending a long time in the hospital, Lauren decided to change things. Now, with a normal weight, tell your story to help others overcome this disease.

This 25-year-old woman came to weigh 46 kilograms, a figure that was too low for her height of 1.73. After gaining around 11 kilograms in sixteen months, the change is evident.

At 17 she became so thin that she was given 48 hours to live. She started working in a food business to take value and, with the help of her boss, with whom she is currently married and has two children, she returned to feed herself. If you look at the photographs, they look like different people.

Hayley Wilde suffered anorexia for eight years. In the end the doctors gave him only ten days of life due to the considerable loss of weight. After being hospitalized several times, her mother helped her to return to the path of a healthy life.

Brittany was once below her normal weight because she consumed about 600 calories per day. Now she is a peculiar survivor of this eating disorder, she is an extra size and an active defender of recovery in this type of problem.

Meg is a girl who detected her illness in her last year of high school. He asked for help from his parents and went to a psychiatrist, who recommended spending a year in a hospital. Instead, Meg went to therapy and with the help of a dietitian he planned his meals. Once he had his ideal weight he started doing weights. Now, instead of skipping meals, he feeds six times a day. It took him six years to recover, but he would never have his illness again.

Antonia Eriksson took a photo for Instagram where she explained that she was in the hospital due to her anorexia. Then, he created a blog where he showed his recovery; an incredible documentary about his struggle and his triumphs against anorexia. Now her photos show her with a strong body and are inspiration for many girls.

The battle Rachael Johnston against anorexia lasted four years, at this stage of his life came to weigh 29 kg. She developed her eating disorder at 20 years of age, as she began to idolize the perfect bodies of celebrities and models that are usually digitally edited images. Now much healthier and happier, she and her mom are campaigning for magazines and ads to stop using photoshop in their models, which would help prevent young girls from developing body image problems.

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