9 Fun facts you'll find in Frozen's new short film: Olaf's Frozen Adventure


If animated Disney movies are almost a ritual in your life and you consider yourself a fan of your characters, the following news will be the best Christmas gift in advance: Frozen come back and this time Olaf will be the protagonist of a funny short film called The frozen adventure of Olaf.

Disney has already launched the anticipated short film, and with it the excitement of seeing the favorite characters of Frozen. Here is everything you should know about this new adventure and the video of the trailer official of a Christmas story starring funny and endearing Olaf.

1. This short film can be seen before the screening of Coconut

Before Coconut, the new movie of Pixar inspired by the Day of the Dead, will be screened Frozen: Olaf's frozen adventure, so here is one more reason not to get lost Coconut.

2. Olaf will be the protagonist in this short adventure

On this occasion, the charming snowman will be our hero.

3. It will be Elsa's first Christmas as queen

But Elsa will be a little worried about the fact that there are no Christmas traditions in her family.

4. Olaf must investigate all kinds of Christmas traditions

Olaf's innocence does not make much sense but it's still fun:

So they cut a tree and disguise its corpse with candles: I love it!

5. Maybe Olaf will get into a couple of problems

That's TAAAN Olaf.

6. Arendale will have a true Christmas event

Because you always wear snow in Arendale, but never at Christmas.

7. There will be music

And a dance.

8. And the outfit Elsa's winter is EVERYTHING

Long live the Queen!

9. Watch the advance Olaf's Frozen Adventure

And do not miss the premiere of Coconut, the movie of Pixar that will bring us this fun frozen adventure with Olaf.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure - That Time of Year (Official Video) (January 2021)