9 frustrations with which every girl with BABY'S FACE? they have to deal


Our face is so peculiar and unique that people will remember it over the years. In fact, not only will they remember it but they will think about it if we are beautiful or look younger (we already know that it is not polite to criticize, and in these cases it is not considered that way). Having a childish face, although we are beautiful, will always have to talk, and will often make us feel uncomfortable.

Here are some things that can be extremely frustrating.

1. Your age is constantly put in doubt

People always think you're lying about your age, because obviously you look younger. If your plan was to go buy some bottles of wine for the meeting you were invited to on Saturday, they will surely ask for your identification and you will not be able to avoid thinking: Why are you doing this to me ?!

2. You will always be listed as cute

As if you were an adornito. Of course you can not complain about being cute, but the problem is that people think of you as a child when you are already an adult. I'm an adult! Is it clear?

3. So they do not take you very seriously

Even if you wear a suit and arrange to look formal, it will look like you dress to pretend. This can be an advantage for you: while others consider you harmless, you will be able to climb to the top and then smile at the ones you have overcome to succeed.

4. You have to be careful if you decide to use bangs

Not to see you more as a child yet.

5. People always think that you are the youngest

If you are the older sister, that is something that the world will not see. You can go out with teenagers and nobody will think that you are out of place, until well beyond your university degree?

6. You worry that people think your partner has kidnapped you

Is my boyfriend! We have the same age. It is not necessary to call the police, I'm fine!

7. Sellers in the store ignore you

They are used to boys and girls who enter, see, unfold and try without buying anything. So you have to sign and clarify that go-to-buy-something. With you money.

8. Younger men try to court you

It is a story that is constantly repeated. You can be in a bar, at a party, and someone will come to ask for your phone number. Then, you have to clarify that you are a little older for them.

9. You will be grateful when you are 40 years old

It's what they tell you continuously after telling you how young you look. Ok, maybe it's true. Cool. Fantastic, but in the meantime, could you stop seeing me as if I were 14?

Drake, Chris Brown - No Guidance (Lyrics) (January 2021)