9 Female comedians who dominate Stand Up; You must not lose your routines!


The stand up comedy or live comedy is a form of interpretation on stage in which a comedian develops a thread of ideas and submits to funny situations, sometimes even uncomfortable, to the public that pays to see their monologues. In the United States and Latin America, live comedy has regained relevance and more and more girls are joining a new wave of women capable of making you cackle from your seat or in the comfort of your home, enjoying their specials on platforms such as Netflix .

Maybe some men say that women are not funny, but we think it is an exaggerated idea, because if so, these girls would be in ruins and would not own the best female jokes were it not for their ingenuity. Here are the nine that make us laugh the most.

1. Iliza Shlesinger

We know everything that they like (men), we do our research, that is why I mean that stalkeamos I know your favorite food, I know where you like to vacation, I know your favorite team is the cowboys. They say that men are hunters and women gatherers, but women collect information from you and then we LOS CAZAMOS.

2. Sofía Niño de Rivera

It's great to have a twin brother, the bad thing is that when you grow up people live it asking you something super-stupid like: is it true that they are connected, that he feels what you feel and like that? Do not invent! Imagine that my brother is feeling what I am feeling right now that there is an immense desire to go to the toilet.

3. DeAnne Smith

Heterosexual men should raise their game of conquest. The girl I date now has only dated men before being with me and is stupidly easy to impress, it's ridiculous. You just show her some basic human decency and she practically goes crazy for me.

4. Natalia Valdebenito

The mothers spend a month organizing an exit and where they will leave their children. Do not judge us, but is it a good idea to have children? I do not feel like having them and people ask me as if it were a good idea. They tell me: it is that if you knew the love that is lived for them that deep, in the flesh and falls asleep, the poor.

5. Ali Wong

As you can see, I am something strange: a pregnant female comedian. And they know it's kind of weird because comedians do not get pregnant. They do not, think of one. Once they get pregnant, they disappear. However, if he were a man, everything would be different: one day after childbirth he would be on stage, complaining about how disgusting babies are, while a lot of junk parents laugh saying: this is very funny, and his fame it grows. On the other hand, the mother is at home slicing her nipples to feed the damn baby, she is busy.

6. Jani Dueñas

I understand men when they say they do not understand women because I do not understand either. Think about it, for us to be with ourselves is like talking to a Chinese Mandarin deaf and dumb below the water.

7. Malena Pichot

People hurt me with complex stupidity. For example, when you talk to an anti-abortionist and eventually come to the same comment: Would you have liked your mother to abort you? Ufff, no, it's pain, deep pain. That is one of the fears of a stupid complex: the fear of not being born. People who were born, people who really exist, but are afraid of not being born.

8. Alexis de Anda

The most magical of all are these green and blue veins that start to come out in the calves. Like magic, one day they are not and the other appears: a dragon half-dead in my calf, what a father! I went to jail last night and I do not remember? It's like becoming the sailor Moon of old age.

9. Monica Escobedo

Starbucks it's the palace of the clown, in the middle of the day you finished your coffee, but you stuffed it because the glass cost you 100 pesos. But it gives me courage because when you are in your house nobody is watching you, there is no reason to pretend anything, there is no hipster near; if you're starving and there's only one sausage with the half parched and the other rosita, you swallow it!

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