9 Celebs that went out with men who exchanged them for another man


Sometimes we hear about love as a perfect fantasy that never ends, in which couples live perfect experiences, full of pleasure, satisfaction and sweetness; In addition, thanks also to movies we have believed and fallen into this trap again and again. However, in real life everything is different, especially between famous couples.

It is easy for anyone to admit that the relationship did not work or that everything ended, and perhaps among all the reasons one is especially difficult to assimilate: the real sexual preferences of the other person.

Believe it or not, there are celebrities who have had partners who did not know they were homosexual until some time later. Do you want to know who it is? Check this list that we will show you below.

1. Rebecca de Alba and Ricky Martin

In the 90s the singer was an icon that most women felt in love with, but he only had eyes for Rebecca de Alba. The relationship between the two lasted nine long years until the singer revealed his sexual preferences and, furthermore, clarified that she knew everything and always supported him:

Yes, she knew. He knew and we were together. It was one of those things, but we broke up like in 97-98, and then I just dedicated myself to my music. I worked very hard, I went out with people, but no relationship was the same.

2. Carrie Fisher and Bryan Lourd

They married in 1991 and a year later their daughter Billie Lourd was born. The marriage lasted only six years, because in 1996 the singer revealed his homosexuality; In 2016 he married a renowned Hollywood businessman named Bruce Bozzi.

3. Liza Minelli and Peter Allen

After seven years of marriage the couple divorced; A couple of months later, Allen revealed that he was gay. He and his boyfriend, Gregory Connell, died of an AIDS-related illness.

4. Fran Drescher and Marc Jacobson

In 1978 they got married, but after 21 years they separated. Although Jacobson revealed in 1997 that he was gay, they continued together and during an interview Fran clarified the situation:

Marriage can be extremely beautiful if you are in love and you can grow up, but there is no reason why one should decide to live in despair and not in fullness.

5. Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner

In June 2013 the couple announced their divorce because of irreconcilable differences; a few months later it became known that those differences it was that Bruce had been a transsexual woman for years who wore her wife's clothes when she slept.

6. Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass

The singer and the actress had a solid marriage, but after a couple of years the relationship ended because Lace confessed her true sexual preferences.

7. Renate Blauel and Elton John

For four years the couple was married, but in 1988 Elton took courage to reveal that he was gay; That same year they divorced.

9. Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury

Austin was not only the singer's sentimental partner for years: he also became his confidante and best friend until the last of his days.

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