82-year-old granny gets her first tattoo in memory of her deceased husband


Like the bee tattoos, which many people in Manchester are doing as a tribute to those who lost their lives after the Ariana Grande concert, this story is also a fantastic way to remember a loved one.

June Bright, an 82-year-old woman living in Lincolnshire, England, had wanted to get a tattoo that had great meaning for years. Finally she decided to capture the name of her late husband on her wrist as an act of love, showing that it is never too late to make dreams come true.

June wanted to remember her husband

That's why he asked his granddaughter, Naomi Newell, to take her to a place specialized in tattoos. Tattoo artist Nicholas Sylvester was commissioned to do it. During an interview for the Unilad site, Naomi said:

A close friend of my grandmother is 79 years old and she got a tattoo because it was on her list of dreams to fulfill. He tattooed some puppies on his wrist, my grandmother loved them and decided that he wanted a tattoo; now he has it.

June and her husband were together for 57 years; unfortunately he died in 2001. After 16 years, June wanted to find the perfect way to keep reminding him, so after a brainstorm he defined what and where he would do it.

After a while he found the perfect tattoo

At first, June wanted to have her husband's name around her finger, as if it were her wedding ring, but she worried that there was not enough space and did not want to take off the ring and hide the tattoo; She thought of just putting down her initials, but her plans changed the day she saw her best friend's puppies. Naomi added:

She was not sure if she just made the initials, she wanted the full name. When she got her tattoo, she was very excited, she even said that it did not hurt at all. I had bought him anesthetic cream just in case, but he forgot to put it on. It was a good tattoo, she needed it. He was very brave!

He could not wait to show it to his friends

For June, this tattoo on the wrist means that her late husband is all the time with her and in her thoughts.

My grandmother was so excited to show her tattoo to the people that she immediately organized a meeting with the family and her friends.

You're never too old to get a tattoo

Nicholas Sylvester, the artist behind the design and owner of the studio Sabotage Tattoo, thinks that getting a tattoo at age 82 is an act of courage. During an interview for the Unilad site, he said:

Tattoos can be a permanent reminder of a moment or a person, so it is important to have the right tattoo in the right place. I think you're never too old for a tattoo, and you should not worry if other people think you're too old to do it.

We completely agree

June reminds us that it's never too late to try something new. Maybe she will inspire more people to face life and do what they have always wanted. After all, we only have one life, right?

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