82 year old grandmother is a success in Tinder; has three appointments per week


No doubt you have heard about the famous application called Tinder, one of the most used to find appointments in all parts of the world. And if most of those who frequent it are young, that does not mean that mature people do not want to find their perfect match

According to him Daily Mail, that's what Hattie Retroage showed, an 82-year-old woman who has two children and three grandchildren has not prevented her from dating men younger than her.

No man has rejected her

Hattie claimed to be very successful within Tinder as she manages to have three appointments per week. It is easy for her to get young men, because many of them enjoy more the company of women like her, with experience.

I have never met a man who does not want to be intimate with me. I tell you in advance that I have to meet with them for chemistry. We go out for a drink and if the chemistry is correct we go to my apartment, and if we do not leave each other.

It is not difficult to understand the reason for the success of women

Just look for men under 50

He commented that he only looks for men more accessible to his desires and young people are perfect because they never look for anything serious.

I'm not looking for someone who is by my side all the time, I do not want that.

She also explained that she completely avoids older men, since for her they do not know how to satisfy women of her age.

He does not want to have anything stable with anyone

Hattie divorced in 1984 and because of that bad experience she does not want to have anything serious with anyone, she just wants to have fun and enjoy her life. And who could blame her?

Your son does not approve of his way of life

While her daughter Rama fully supports her on the subject of her sexuality, her son Josh is a little less convinced. He said that Josh and his wife hate him to leave so freely at his age.

In spite of that, she works as a coach and writer and enjoys her life like no other, teaching us that it is never too late to enjoy life.

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