8 ways in which being the daughter in the middle has made you a better person


The older brother is the one who bothers us, but he is also the one who teaches us what is good in life, while the brother or the little sister is the adorable baby of the family, therefore, the brothers in the middle have a I only work: fit!

It can be frustrating for us to have to fight for some attention from our parents, or have to mediate in fights by behaving like the mature and pacifist among the brothers.

However, these efforts have prepared you for the future life, so much so that there are good reasons to know that being the brother or sister in between made you a better person.

1. You are a pacifist

You become able to see both sides of a situation and specialize in the arguments of two people becoming a win-win.

As a result of the fights between your brothers, you are a nice and mediating person, who does not choose a side, because you see all the perspectives. Being a pacifist, people probably look for good advice in you.

2. You are a very good negotiator

Years of having your television remote removed, you have been taught that instead of simply saying yes for kindness and seeking the approval of your older brother, you must say yes, but what will you give me in return? to get what you want.

You are aware of what people can offer you, although you know perfectly well that the world does not revolve around you or your needs, and that is a very intelligent and mature quality.

3. You know how to choose your battles

So many years living the fights of your brothers have turned you into a diplomatic person who seeks justice, and who has left things unimportant, which leads you to choose the battles that are worth fighting and not waste your arguments with people They can not respond in an intelligent way.

4. You are a creative person

Maybe when they were younger, your older brother was a sports person and the youngest was someone intelligent and outstanding, that's why you managed to find other ways to get your parents' attention. Or maybe it was your melodramatic adolescent years that led you to acquire the pleasure of expressing your feelings in an artistic way.

Whatever the reason, people who have these skills are smart and can do huge things.

5. You are simple

You know that not all people give you special treatment, that's why you do not seek special attention.

You love to live the simple moments of life and enjoy them. If you are with a group of people you learn to think quickly and adapt to new situations.

6. You are charismatic

Maybe it's the result of the search for attention when you were a child, because as we said, you had to constantly seek the attention of your parents. Young children are seen as charming, but the middle children have more sympathy and charm with other people.

7. You are rebellious

It's not about you being a person who does not care about things or who is classified as a rebel without a cause, it's just that you do not like doing things the same way as you defend your own ideas and do not expect to follow a Leader.

8. You are safe and independent

All that time you lived at home gave you the skills to be self-sufficient and have the confidence to adapt to a group.

You are ingenious when you have new opportunities and you have learned from the mistakes of your brother or older sister, as well as the child's charm. Maybe you were a little lonely, but you learned not to be dependent on others.

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