8 Traits that all Gemini women should know; it is the bipolar sign of the zodiac


Gemini is known as the low profile psychopath in the zodiac. This sign is 100 percent sure that it is better than any, and the problem with it is that, in fact, it is true.

Some Gemini who lived up to their definition are Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Kanye West, John F. Kennedy, Natalie Portman, Tupac Shakur, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell, Prince, just to name a few. They are the example of the natives of this sign, to whom we could pay tribute for that stupid and sensual ability to always be extragenial. Here are some reasons why the sign of the twins has so much attitude and style.

1. If Gemini were literature, it would be a famous quote

Gemini is a sign that spreads his devotion to culture. He is the kind of person the world is inspired to repeat some of his wise quotes. His magnetism is so strong that his phrases are his personal slogan.

2. If Gemini were a symbol, it would be the ying and the yang

Not for nothing is this the only sign of the zodiac represented by real people, the twins. Those born under this sign are proof that human beings are good and, at the same time, terrible. Unlike Sagittarius and Virgo, which are mythological beings, Gemini is the most similar to humans. It consists of greatness and goodness, as well as errors and failures.

3. If gemini were a part of the body, it would be the hands or the mouth

Both are characteristics of Gemini, because they are its means of communication. And what does this sign communicate? That it's better than you, that you listen to it because your conversation is more interesting unless you want to talk and get bored with yourself.

4. If Gemini were a flower, it would be a rose

The reason? This sign is the most obvious. Like a rose, it presumes its beauty and the greatness of its being, but at the same time it does not hide a single one of the thorns with which anyone who wishes to touch it, if he is not careful, may spit.

5. If Gemini were an animal, it would be a cat

This is because it is an extremely beautiful and boring sign. You could be happy lying all day while you pamper yourself or let yourself be pampered. Probably he would only leave his house to kill some animal, and just for fun.

6. If Gemini were a cloth, it would be suede

Because suede is the kind of texture that needs care, many!

7. If Gemini were a song, it would be Freak from Lana del Rey

In one way strange (freak, in English), Lana del Rey, as good gemini (gemini-cancer, the singer was born within the spectrum between both signs), invites you to be equal weird that she; if a twin invites you to be like him, means he loves you. This sign is too loved to share your personality with someone for whom you do not feel affection or attraction. The letter of Freak it proves it:

Honey, if you want to escape

Come to California and get to know me

To hell your anonymity,

Loving me is all you need to feel

Just like I do

8. If Gemini were a defect, it would be pride

To be of this sign is to think that there is no one more intelligent, that no one is faster and that no one operates his astral plane better than he does. If you thought that leo was the king of the proud signs, stop underestimating the twins: his personality psychopath Low profile hides more than it seems.

Maybe until now you think that, in fact, the Gemini have MUCH attitude, and yes they do, but being the closest sign to the sun they have this weakness in which they forget their true talents and end up playing with fire. If this sign does not control your attitude, you may end up burning yourself.

Do you know who is another famous Gemini? Donald Trump. Luckily, Beyoncé's (future) twins will be too, and they will surely save their nation with the great side and the style we love so much about them.

10 Things to Know About a Gemini! | ZODIAC TALK (September 2020)