8 tips so that the aroma of your perfume lasts longer


There is no doubt that smell is one of the senses with more experiences, because it is linked to memories, sensations and moments that mark you forever. On the other hand, the aroma is part of the identity of each person.

Surely you know people whom you easily identify, either because of their natural scent or the perfume they use, and you have probably wondered how they make the smell last. The answer to this question is in the following recommendations:

1. Save it in the closet

The ideal place to store perfumes is the closet, since a cool, dry place prevents them from evaporating and makes them last longer.

2. Hydrate your skin

Before applying perfume, make sure that your skin is hydrated and preferably uses an unscented cream so that the effect of the perfume lasts longer.

3. Arabic on clothes

If the perfume you use is always the same, you can apply a little on your clothes, this will maximize the aroma.

4. Take advantage of your open pores

Apply your perfume immediately after bathing and before dressing, your pores will be open and your skin hydrated and will keep better the aroma.

5. Remember the 6 key points

The wrists, inner part of your elbows, neck, waist, behind the knees and ankles are the key points to apply the perfume, since the natural heat of your body will keep it for much longer.

6. Do not rub it

When you apply it on the key points, let it dry on its own, and if you want to impregnate more body areas, just pat and do not rub to prevent it from evaporating.

7. Apply it on the brush

If you want your hair to be impregnated with the scent of your perfume, apply it directly to your brush and then pass it through your hair, thus preventing it from drying out.

8. Perfume to take

If you went straight from the office to a party, spray a couple of cotton balls with your perfume and store them in a ziplock plastic bag. When the night comes, press gently on the key points.

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