8 things that ALL women should stop doing


They give us all (very useful) advice on how to live our lives: how to get a perfect job, how to end a failed relationship, how to take advantage of our time, etc., but sometimes it is important to take a step back and reconsider the habits that they have been so deeply ingrained that we hardly realize they are there.

As women, we learn many habits that do not necessarily correspond to a healthy mentality. Maybe life is not about finding a husband, settling down and having children; or that childhood friends last a lifetime. The fact that some habits are regularly accepted does not always mean that they are good for us or for other women.

1. Stop attacking each other

Why do we feel the need to judge someone for doing something different or better than us? We have to get rid of the idea that we can succeed if the others fail. Pointing out the shortcomings of other women will not make us better. Stop hating them, whether you know them or not, what they're wearing, by the person they're dating, by what they said or not.

Women have enough character to face and challenge sexist norms. We should not be against our same gender.

2. That life does not revolve around men

Sure, the guys are great, but they're not the only purpose of our existence. There are many things you can do with your friends, with your family, with yourself that do not involve to be with guys or get their attention. You were not sent to earth to find a man. Yes, it is a great advantage if you do it, but there are other necessary elements to enjoy your life.

3. It's not all about you

We all have problems. We all have different emotions. We are all the simply can not. But you do not need everyone to find out.

It is crucial, for the sake of your friends, to put an end to all the stories in which you felt the same way. Ask yourself if you only wanted a reason for the conversation to revolve around you. As we grow, we have fewer and fewer real friends, so be sure to show them how much they mean to you and to care about your life rather than informing you about yours.

4. Stop seeking the approval of other people (especially through social networks)

Even if you assured others that you did not care what people thought of you, you care, and they know it. It's weird that someone can really say those words.

For our generation social networks have become a constant look at me. It is totally valid to publish a selfie (not tens of them), but being aware of the amount of likes and retweets that you get for your photos and phrases is something completely different. Work to feel comfortable and beautiful.

5. Stop complaining

Yes, we know that college and life is difficult, but it turns out you're there. The trouble is that you have so few problems that you still have time to analyze them. Actually, you have a good life, do you know how I know? Because you can read articles like this one just for fun, probably from your smartphone, sliding the screen with your nails you just painted.

Life is cruel at times and it is human to complain from time to time. The fact that there are people dying of hunger in other countries does not mean that you should always have a smile to thank for what you have: you can regret, but in moderation, not only for the sake of your family and friends, but for yours too. . You will be surprised at what happens when you start to focus more on the good and less on the bad. You think you complain less than you think. (We all do)

6. Stop clinging to your ex

Are you tired of coming back to him again and hurting you repeatedly? Well, do you know who is even more tired of it? Your friends. Your friends, even. All of them can see very clearly what you should do, however, you can not decide. So, be careful when you rebel against their advice and then call them screaming for the millionth time and they have to sit and listen and bite their tongues to not tell you, I told you!

It's crazy that we believe in the words that come out of our mouths former But we reject the advice of friends who really love us and care about us.

7. Be in the mood or naive

Do not try to be any girl other than the one in your heart.

Surprise! If you really do not like football, the kids who are fans will know it (and so on any other topic in which you want to be interested). On the other hand, if you make your voice naive to ask for help to open a lid or whatever, you will not always look cute but like a useless girl. People want to be with people they feel comfortable and confident with.

8. Stop having exaggerated emotions and live in the drama

Yes, the dramatic crying can be a bit excessive. The drama, in general, is, because our life should not become a telenovela. It is true that women are emotional creatures, but we have to stop acting as if perfecting ourselves in matter is something positive. It is good to feel and be in tune with our emotions, but there is a suitable time and place.

Keep your sanity and do not lose it in a second. Being emotional is annoying at times, and ceasing to be emotional is healthy.

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