8 Things a woman who feels she is failing in her life should know


Once you have found success in your life, or that you have managed to get out of a difficult situation that was chasing you and from which you assured that there was no way out, it is when you begin to reconsider your place in the world. Your whole perspective on life and your relationships changes, you are just growing, you are maturing, you are learning.

And for this moment of your life you do not need more motivational phrases than you read on Facebook, nor that imaginary emotional coach that tells you if you can; for this moment of your life, all you need is to be yourself, relax, enjoy and just let life go by. Therefore, this letter of reflection is for any woman who has ever felt that she is failing in life.

We are what we are

Change your life when you want to change it, propose ideas and put them into action until the moment arrives. It's how things happen, there are no real plans, it's always been a matter of will.

Do we need permission to do what we want?

Neither are we robots, nor can we predict the weather nor the storms, much less we can have motivation in our future plans if we do not know if they will exist at the time. Nor can we control everything, because something is certain, that when we seek control we expose ourselves potentially to lose it. You could wake up every day at 5 a.m. but if the words or the painting or the ideas do not come out, it simply will not happen and already, there is no time to over-think the tragedy of not having ideas; in due course they will arrive.

Life simply happens

This is how life works You are alive and life it only happens (it does not change, it does not transform, it just happens); and has strong reasons to teach you great lessons.

You need to start giving yourself permission human being

Give you permission to understand that you are a human being; as absolutely everyone else; There are no better, no worse, no more or less. We have all been cut with the same scissors and all life He has taught them the lessons they deserved, the lessons of the problems they alone have earned.


There is no way to beat the game to life, we only have one chance to play, and all odds are the same; 50% in your favor and 50 against. You can live in need of control in your life, but nothing you do can completely prevent the inconveniences of life, because life at any moment it's going to happen that maybe that What you think you want so much is not what you really need.

It is much easier to refuse to fail than to embrace it

We forget that what we see in others is only the reflection of our own being, our failures, our failures and mistakes; everything life has put in our path. But the most important question would be: why do I only see my reflection in the negative of others, and why can not I recognize the best part of its success? .

The best things are harvested in the long term

That others are succeeding should not have an impact on our self-esteem; on the contrary, it should be an engine to move forward, but aware of what we have and what we do not.

Someday this moment will make sense

There is magic behind everything we do not understand, and we can never remedy the fact that we will not win over life. There is no formula, nor a list of 10 steps to find the black thread of happiness. Everything is relative, and the more aware we are that we live exposed to daily failure, the more tranquility we will have that our life is going the way it should go.

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