8 Superfresh wedge styles for use in hot weather


Although hot days are the perfect excuse to get our dresses fresh and beautiful, not everything is idyllic because the high temperatures make us feel sweaty and we do not want that!

The wedges they are sandals whose running heel makes them stable and prevents us from getting tired. There are many styles, but for the warm season open shoes are the best, because they give us a ventilation point that keeps us cool and fashionable.

1. Go safe with the classics

These basics are not only for traditional girls but all women should have them in their wardrobe because they are easy to combine and their colors give a casual air to your look

2. Black never goes out of style

We all love black because it is a color that looks good, literally, with any other shade you choose. In addition, they are perfect for daytime use with a Jean or at night with a party dress.

3. Print your personality

When we choose our clothes, we want them to represent us and be a continuation of our personality. If you have a vibrant soul you will surely love the wedges with design: floral if you love nature or Animal Print if you are wild.

4. Details that give you a plus

It is the details that can elevate an outfit to make it unforgettable. The shoes are usually a neutral point of our look and we almost always go to the safe when we choose them. If you do not want them to be so flashy, choose some with subtle but fun details.

5. Give color to your life

There is a comfort zone when we buy shoes: we prefer classic colors that we can use with all our clothes. But do not be afraid to give a chance to the vibrant tones because, although they do not combine with everything, you can use them with jeans and a basic blouse.

6. Forms with movement

They do not have to be very crazy, it is enough that they give some movement and versatility to your shoes. You can choose sandals with many straps going in different directions or braided material.

7. Play with the textures

Denim, velvet, plastic, corduroy, smooth, wrinkled, braided surface The world of footwear is a world of possibilities with which you can (and must!) Experiment.

8. There are also low heels

If you do not want to use wedges There are also those with a short sole and they are comfortable, chic and perfect to use on any occasion: in the office, at a party in a room or outdoors, for an appointment, to go dancing with your friends. We love you!

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