8 Signs to know if you're dating Joe from the You series


If you already saw the series You You'll know he's talking about Joe, a stalker who disguises his obsession with Beck with love. He follows her, watches over her and manipulates her to isolate her from everyone.

Seeing these behaviors we realize how sick it is. But have you ever thought about whether you are in a relationship with a guy that's that upset? These are the eight warning signs that will tell you if you are in such a toxic relationship.

1. He is very attached to you

He wants to be with you all the time, he talks often about marriage and how they will spend their lives together, he tells you that he can not live without you, etc. Although you might confuse it with flattering behavior, it could be a sign that he is obsessed with you.

2. You need to make him feel safe constantly

It is normal and acceptable to want to feel safe in the relationship, but that your partner wants you to show him your love ALL THE TIME is wrong. Also, when you do not follow the current makes you feel guilty with comments like you do not love me anymore or surely you have someone else.

3. Try to influence your decisions, actions and emotions

Manipulation is part of your being, you can convince yourself to cancel plans with your friends, change the clothes you go out with, tell you how to act or what you should feel and none of that is because he thinks it's the best for you, just go what is best for him.

4. It makes you feel bad about yourself

He makes hurtful comments about your appearance, feelings, illnesses, friendships, whatever will be critical. It is not always obvious because sometimes it disguises as innocent jokes.

5. Minimize your mistakes

For him his actions and behavior are the fault of his family, his ex-partners, that life treated him badly and, even, yours. But NOTHING justifies hurting you.

6. Know your whereabouts even when you change your routine

You may think that it has a sixth sense to locate you, but the reality is that it is so aware of you (your social networks, your conversations) that it somehow manages to find out where you are going.

7. He sends you messages and calls you all the time

It's not bad to talk to your partner all the time (with social networks it's normal), but when he tries to communicate with you desperately he means he wants to control you: to know who you are with, where you are and what you are doing. It's a way that, even if you're away, you focus your attention on him.

8. Appears in places without being invited

If you often find it by chance on the street or wherever you are, be sure that it is following you to keep an eye on you and maintain some control over you.

How to end it?

If you have already realized that your partner meets all or most of the points, the next step, for your well-being, is to end the relationship. Let go of the guilt that you may feel, understand that you are not responsible for the feelings or actions of another person; Each one has his own actions, so do not let him manipulate you.

If after breaking you keep harassing you, keep all the possible evidence (audio, calls, screenshots, videos, etc.) so that, in any case, you can file a report. Also, seek support from family and friends. Remember that before any relationship, the most important thing is your well-being.

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