8 Signs that you have FOUND the woman you should marry


Women! They say that you can not live with them, but neither without them. Fortunately, forming a bond strong enough with a woman is definitely possible. The real trick is to understand women, and in particular to those who are interested in what for a man is so complicated, it is the same for us. Do you remember the book titled Men are from Mars and women are from Venus?

Every man and how good he feels attracted to a different type of woman, but there are some signs to which you should pay attention. If you want to marry only once, even if it sounds old-fashioned, here are 8 ways to know that the woman you have found may be the last you will have to look for.

1. You trust her

It's a fact: trust is a crucial aspect of any relationship. What is more important to keep in mind is how fragile is the trust between two people, especially between two people who are intimately involved with each other.

When a person breaks the trust of the other causes a lot of pain, because the more you trust the more you care for each other, and the damage that is created once the trust is broken. If you have found a woman you trust completely, and most importantly, with whom you do not want to break that trust, then you may have found the right one.

2. She is a positive force in your life, not a negative influence

When you are really in love, it can be difficult to understand how a person causes an impact on your life. Love is so blind and distracted that realizing if that impact is negative can be almost impossible. Consider that there are people who will support you with constructive criticisms that will help you learn, and so you feel, while others will make you notice your shortcomings with such a negative tone that it is perfectly evident that their only desire is to hurt you. If your girl is the latter, then break up with her as soon as possible: the relationship will only bring you pain and misery.

3. She believes in you and motivates you to believe in yourself

Let's say we're lucky to live 80 years. That's more or less 29 thousand days, the same ones that you have to get up and move on with all your strength in life. Finding a way to motivate yourself can be a really difficult task, however, finding the right woman can help motivate you and make the difference between the realization of your dreams and continuous failure.

The ideal woman is a woman who motivates you to be the best. One of the greatest gifts a woman can give you is a reason to be a better man.

4. Your life is much better with her than without her

Leaving emotions aside, the woman you should marry is the woman who adds something to your life and not the one who simply takes something away. Again, this can be difficult to differentiate, but it is extremely important. Your emotions can lead you to believe that you need a woman when, in reality, you would be better off without her. It is necessary to take a step back and decide if your life is better or worse with it.

5. She never makes excuses when you need her

Although this goes hand in hand with reliability, it refers to your generosity and compassion. Is she the kind of woman you can count on? Will she be there for you, not only when you are at your best, but when you are at your worst? Can he stay by your side or will his love falter the minute the waters become turbulent? Some women are more interested in what you can do for them than in what you mean to them.

6. Sex is very, very good

There is a certain level of physical chemistry that is necessary for a marriage to work. This is one reason why I have never been able to understand that there are those who, in these times, can remain celibate until the day of the wedding. If the sex is bad, it will become an obstacle to be happy in marriage.

Some people say that they care about sex a lot. I would say it's because they've never had great sex. Although you can and can be able to feel happy in ignorance, why should you conform?

7. Both want the same things in life

This is another crucial aspect in the relationships that many ignore until it is too late. It is easy to love a woman when you do not understand her completely, and to understand her, you have to know exactly what she wants in life. What do you love to do? What experiences do you want to achieve? What are your goals and your dreams? What are your beliefs?

We often do not realize that although we are theoretically compatible as individuals, our lifestyle is not. It is difficult to spend your life with someone when their paths must be separated.

8. You know that you love each other deeply

Before saying: Yes, of course it is! , make sure what it means to love deeply.To love deeply is to love the double; it is to love romantically but also to love multiplied by two. It is not only to love the person as an individual but also to love what the person means to you. You have to love who that person is, in all its extension. Both must know they are capable of doing it.

The common belief that it is possible to love someone unconditionally is wrong. Love is something deeper that can combine unconditional and conditional love to form a bond that can not be broken by external elements. A mutual and conscious love is the one that can endure in spite of time.

10 Signs You’ve Found the Woman You Should Marry (January 2022)