8 Signs that this good guy only plays with your heart


When we fall in love we want to give everything and we even blind ourselves to many of the situations or signs that show us that that person does not value our affection and breaks our hearts. Sometimes we must accept that not always who we love will love us in the same way.

That is why we leave you some of the signs that show that he does not care so much.

1. Your decisions are not worth to him

He always seeks to do what he wants and does not give importance to your decisions. If you do not mind pleasing yourself and want to be above you, you have a very clear signal.

2. Do not worry about canceling plans he made with you

It gives more importance to an outing with your friends than to see you or, even, to let you know. This does not mean that he should always give you explanations, but if he had committed, it is not worth canceling you.

3. Consider that everything is drama with you

If he did something that affected you a lot (like being late for an appointment or forgot an important date) and always ends up scolding you because you exaggerate everything, maybe you should reconsider continuing with him.

4. You have the need to tell you that he loves you

Since he almost never shows you affection, you always tend to ask him: do you love me? How much do you love me? Do not feel guilty, you just want to know what you really feel, even when it is not what you want.

5. It does not surprise you, however simple it may be

A relationship is not about the amount of gifts or how expensive they are, but sometimes it's nice to show you that you care, with a good morning message or an unexpected visit to your home. But if you have never done it, I think you understand the point.

6. Your plans always involve your friends

If at meetings, parties and outings you prefer to be with your friends than with you, you should realize that he does not love you as much as he says. Or, worse, if you want to invite your friends and he just does not want it, it's more than obvious.

7. If they have a discussion he tends to explode

If you scream or you feel threatened when you are angry, get away! He does not deserve to be called a man.

8. Sometimes he lies to you

If you have discovered more than one lie, since I go to my house when it actually goes out, you can never trust him.

So if you identified with most of these signals, it's better to break from now on before it ends up in something more serious.

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