8 Reasons why you MUST marry the COMPLICATED girl

Complicated women are creative and sometimes emotional. They may have a touch of what some call insanity. However, no one will love you better, or encourage you to follow your dreams.

You will have many deep conversations with her that will make you question your beliefs and ideas. She will be smarter on many occasions. It will not always be easy, but it will be more satisfying and entertaining. Things are not going to be that easy with a complicated girl, nor will it always be the calm sea and the wind in the stern, but she is the kind of girl you probably thought you would marry.

1. Marry the girl who tells you what she expects

2. Marry the girl who demands your respect

3. Marry a girl with whom you can talk about politics, even if their opinions are different from yours

4. Marry the girl in whose eyes you can see passion for different themes

5. Marry the girl that motivates you to develop your talents

6. Marry the girl who pushes you to be better every day

7. Marry the girl you sometimes fight with

8. Marry the girl who is equal to or better than you

However, a complicated girl who is not mature will be frustrating. She will seek to fight with you about everything and will always feel a failure to be with her, since you will not know how to make her happy. In spite of that, if you truly love her and have a little experience and wisdom, it would be better not to let her escape, or you will risk losing the best you have had.

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