8 Reasons why the COUPLES they are discussing are actually more HAPPY


The strongest relationships are full of arguments. There are no epic love stories that were written about complacency. If there is anything I should say about dating someone whose mind is so different from yours is that because of this, you will always be fighting.

Fighting is the key ingredient to nurture passion. From passion comes love, love deep that makes the earth tremble, the appetite disappear, lose sleep. I can not-live-without-you kind of love.

When I say fight, I do not mean physical encounters in the whole rule. I'm not talking about breaking plates or hitting or any situation that causes the police to knock on your door. I simply say that discussing is two intelligent people who find themselves through a healthy debate.

On the other hand, there is something erotic about having a mental battle with the man or woman you love. So discuss, love and be happy, because a couple who fight without letting this happen to older, has all this in their favor.

1. It means that your love can survive anything

If there are no fights with your partner, it is simply not real love; on the other hand, if they can fight, they have the power to survive. If the two can say what is on their mind, other vicious discussions can not separate them. When you stop walking on tiptoe, you get closer to your partner.

2. It means that you can respect the opinions of the other

Your views on important issues may be totally opposite, but that does not mean that you disrespect your partner. Mutual respect is absolutely vital for a healthy and lasting relationship.

You can be absolutely in disagreement about certain things. But agreeing to disagree, instead of allowing those differences to sink you, will lead you to a better understanding and broaden your horizons.

3. It means that they are not afraid of each other

If you can face your partner in an argument, clearly they are not afraid of each other. You can not have a stable relationship with someone who is complacent rather than combative. Although there is a difference between having a healthy love and having a foot in the door.

Discussing is a constant test of strength. If both can be tolerated, they are strong people who can handle their equally strong opinions.

4. It means that your passion is visceral

Do you know what fighting means Really? Amazing sex to make peace. If you are in a relationship with someone who argues with you, there will be a bond of much reconciliation after many fights.

The discussion is a sign of the passion they feed between the two. They would not fight if they did not feel strongly about many things. The passion between you is tangible.

5. It means that both maintain their opinions

If they are arguing a lot, both are stubborn people, but although stubbornness is often considered a negative quality in a relationship, in this case it shows that they are people of strong character, and clearly illustrates that they are able to defend their beliefs.

They justify their position in almost everything, and their tenacity is valued by both. Just because they're in love does not mean they should throw in the towel.

6. It means that they always learn from each other

If there is one thing I would like from a couple, it would be the treasure of inexhaustible wisdom. I would like to be with someone to teach me things; that opens my mind

If you are with someone who is arguing with you, he or she surely has something to teach you.

7. It means that your relationship will never be boring

If you fight with your partner, you can bet that their relationship is going to be anything but boring.

They do not need to be screaming all the time. But a healthy debate keeps both interested. The last thing you want is to fall into the clutches of mediocrity: keep things alive by challenging each other. Fighting will keep you with your feet on the ground (and eventually, on your back).

8. It means that they feel comfortable with each other

Fighting with someone is a sign of how comfortable you are with that person! When you can tell your partner you do not agree; When you can talk and tell him you're upset, that's love.

You will know that what they have can not be broken when they can touch the limits and try the other. You fight only because you are sure of your partner.

You do not have to worry about their relationship ending, because they are so crazy for each other that they would not let an argument ruin what they have.

It is essential for a real and lasting love that from time to time one tells the other things as they are. After all, that is what it means to be with your best friend.

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