8 Reasons why my dad is my greatest hero Around the world!


I've always been dad's girl. He has protected me and made sure to give me the best of the best in my life. I was his princess and he was my hero. Although we have had our discussions and misunderstandings in recent years, I consider it normal when daughters grow up.

Now we have a deeper level of love and love for each other. Not only because I have matured, but also because at last I can understand everything he has done for me, no matter what I have to sacrifice.

These are the reasons why I consider my father my hero:

1. He taught me the value of hard work

If someone is going to teach you something about working hard, that is dad. When he arrives home with his tired face, reflecting the hard work that has just ended, you will know that he has given his all. He never stops getting up and going out the door every day because he always seeks to give his family the best. Your strong work ethic will teach you that if you want to achieve something in life, you have to work hard to earn it.

2. He did what was necessary to improve our standard of living

You can be sure that you and your family are the reason for your dad's life. He wants to make sure they have a good and abundant life, and he has done everything in his power so that nothing ever falls short and his life is happy.

3. He taught me to be strong

Your dad has shown you what it means to be strong and get ahead. Despite the difficulties you may have faced, your priority has always been your well-being and that of your family, above it.

Surely your dad has had moments when he could not stand and still went ahead. He could not afford to lose a single day, since that would mean harming his family.

4. I inherited his good things

If your dad is the soul of the party, people always ask where they are and they say how much they like to listen to their stories, probably they know you for the same reasons, since you have inherited that part of them. Also, it is likely that one day you will realize that many other things that you admire about your father, you also have them.

5. He taught me about life so that I would not make the same mistakes he did

The sermons of life that your dad gives you, usually start like this: When I was your age Even if they are annoying (like when I came to your room to get your attention when all you wanted to do was sleep), it will truly be a great lesson lifetime.

He is insistent only because he wants to show you that he understands what you are going through and to prevent you from making the same mistakes he made.

6. When it was hard on me, it was for my own good

Your dad will always be your toughest critic. He will tell you when you have disappointed him and when you have made a mistake. Sometimes, words hurt when they come from him, because they are not what you want to hear, but this is because he has all his hopes placed on you, and his expectations about you are high.

7. Only want the best for me

Probably the only times you've seen your father upset were when he saw you wasted your potential to become someone in life. Remember that he overcame great difficulties and had to build everything he offered to you and your family from scratch.

He wants to get the best out of you, and for sure you just want to make him feel proud. Your dad may be the hardest person to please, but it's worth doing for him.

8. He has faith in me, even when he does not show it

Although sometimes your father is very hard, he secretly trusts you at all times. I may never tell you how amazing you are, but it's sure that your friends know how proud you are of you. You will be supporting and supporting the activities you undertake with determination and enthusiasm.

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