8 reasons why men fall in love with the good girl

Although most men have always liked bad girls (and will always like them), the good girl is the one they choose to fall in love with and possibly commit for the rest of their lives.

Apart from the fact that good girls are hard to find, what makes them so irresistible and charming so that men feel obliged to give up their freedom for them? Here we give you the 8 reasons why men fall in love with a good girl:

1. It is loyal

Being faithful is very important for men and goes beyond something simply sexual. A good girl will stay by your side no matter what happens. Life is like a dangerous but exciting roller coaster, with its ups and downs, and a man can not always be 100%. You may become sick, or get involved in problems that will force you to not be as bold, dominant, attractive, reliable and powerful as ever.

Seeing the vulnerability of a man, the vultures that walk after his girl will try to take her away from him, trying to seduce her with material things or with promises of a better life. When a courtship goes through a difficult stage, the temptations are strong, but the girl good he resists them.

2. It's honest

She is like an open book: she does not mind crying and showing her emotions when she is hurt, which is very important for the man next to her, because it lets her know what she did wrong so that she can apologize and fix it immediately and not drag the problem for months. In addition, she does not use manipulation to get what she wants. On the contrary, she will rarely ask for something, because she knows that man is inclined to help whenever he can.

3. It's sweet

Is sensible. Her eyes light up, her face softens and her mouth slightly opens when they look at her closely for a more or less long time. Telling her that she is beautiful will make her smile and feel truly happy, instead of enlarging her ego.

Is innocent. She is not aware of the ugly and dark things in life because she never participated in them. This makes men forget for a while how hard and cruel everything can and gets its most cheerful side, that most men hide.

It is also vulnerable. Without knowing it, she shows her protective instinct, something that will never happen with bad girls. It's that kind of girl who, if someone hurts, will make the man beside her angry.

4. She forgives

Men can become cruel when they get angry, saying hurtful words or doing unforgettable things. But a good girl is capable of forgiveness. Do not hold a grudge: when you make her feel bad, she only asks you to reconsider and try to improve your life.

Your best weapon is your ability to be so kind and compassionate to the point that it makes you hate yourself for not being like that. This confuses men and forces them to confront what they did and solve the problem instead of having endless discussions that go nowhere.

5. It supports you

She is the kind of woman who puts the needs of other people before her own. It will support you when you have a challenge, it will encourage you to work harder telling you constantly that you are strong and that you are the best. If you get sick, your maternal instinct will be afloat: she will surely get special remedies to make sure you recover soon.

6. Knows how to listen

And he not only listens to you, but he puts himself in your place. He gives good advice and is mature for his age. She makes you see things from a completely different point of view than yours. It does not criticize you, nor interrupt you when you speak. Talking with her is easy and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed after a long and stressful day at work.

7. Makes you a better person

When he knows that you have a very important goal, he helps you to reach it, he wants you to surpass yourself instead of stopping for fear of losing. When you fail terribly, instead of letting you sink, she tells you calmly and tenderly that you have to face your situation. But the most important thing is that it motivates you to be a good man because you have the best woman.

8. It is difficult to find

The concept of good girl has been treated badly in recent years. It seems that the ideal is to be like the rest of the girls, however, if you belong to this kind of girl, that which is being ignored and forgotten in this world of one-night adventures, meaningless social interactions and interchangeable relationships, remember that men know that they still exist, and sooner or later will come the one that values ​​you and loves you as you really deserve.

8 Reasons Why Men Fall In Love With The Good Girl (January 2021)