8 Reasons why ALL women have had a boy with whom we ALWAYS return


You know the truth, but you refuse to accept it. You prefer to continue telling yourself that love is like that, that it is dramatic, frustrating, complicated and full of anguish. That he is worth it. That you are a slave of your heart, not of a person.

This is the situation that every woman who lives next to a man who can not let go, lives. We have all had that person. The one who treated us like garbage and in spite of it we did not have enough.

The one that will never be what we want it to be, but we still persecute it. The one that makes us cry and then ignores our tears.

1. He hurts you again and again, but the pain seems worth it

You would not put your hand on the stove twice or you'd come back for a second cold shower, would you? But you're willing to let him hurt you again.

You'll inflict that pain over and over again, and you'll say it's worth it, that's what it feels like to be in love.

But when you finally fall in love with the right person, you will realize that love does not hurt, on the contrary, it is an antidote to pain. Only real love with the right person will heal the wounds that this man left you.

2. He's the only one who ruins your life with a text message, but still you expect him to call

His silence says as much as his words, and his messages are worth their weight in gold (when he does you the favor of sending them). However, you keep your phone on just in case you call. Every notification, every vibration, makes your heart go up to your throat, but it's never it, or it's not what you wanted to hear.

Your deferred answers, unanswered questions and your calls at 2 in the morning to have sex are just sad monuments that make you feel defeated.

3. He is crazy about everything, except for you

He has no problem spending his money on tickets to a concert or hanging out with his friends until 2 am before calling you, but he will always make excuses when it comes to inviting you to dinner or staying with you on a Friday night.

You do not have to be more important than your passions, but at least you should be one of them.

4. He never feels the need to apologize, so you do it for him

He never tells you why he did not call, but you tell yourself he's busy, that he's tired, that he lost his phone You're the one who apologizes, who forgives him, and with whom he has sex of reconciliation, even if he only expects the last .

5. He will never tell you the truth, but you are always waiting for his next story

You know that their stories are more full of crap than their text messages apologizing for anything (if you get one to send you one), but you still hear them. Maybe you like drama or attention, but be it one thing or the other, you are living a lie.

6. You wake up thinking about him, but never at his side

You still think about him every day. You can not open your eyes without forgetting the time they spent together their expressions of affection, their words and you begin to analyze their history, again and again, asking yourself why you are not in their arms at this moment.

Those mornings that you have spent sighing for him instead of hugging him, are a sad reminder that you will never be his.

7. He does not have time for you, but you have all the time in the world for him

No one in this world is saved from being a stalker No matter how strong you are, we have all done it. The most likely is not that you spy for the welfare it produces, but for pure masochism.

This has led you to delete it from your Facebook, Instagram and Tinder several times.

However, you can not help but realize something you can not eliminate: it's not that he does not have time, he just does not have time for you.

8. You always compare it to every guy that comes into your life, but he has never thought of you twice

He is in every appointment you have, and in every bed you sleep on. He's the guy you always want to be in the place of the guy you're dating now, and you still wonder if you can call him once everything is over.

He whom you want because he is the one you can not have. Maybe, if you find a way to let it go, begin to meet good men worthwhile.

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