8 Reasons why a REAL man would NEVER cheat the woman he loves


Deceiving a woman is something that a real man does not do. And I'm sure many have had to pay for the broken dishes that some fool left behind, because a woman they've cheated on will be unable to trust another man for years. When a woman's confidence is broken, she can never recover. Never.

Real men do not cheat, because:

1. They are emotionally stable

Usually, we only hear about women who have trouble controlling their emotions, but men are much worse. While women share their feelings and talk about their problems, men guard and repress them. When something goes wrong in a relationship, women may cry, complain, throw tantrums or stop talking to their partner, but men weak men pretend they do not feel anything, and look for any release they may have: they drink, they smoke, or have relationships with another woman. Unfortunately, they destroy what they can keep.

True men manage their emotions appropriately.

2. They have enough willpower

I'm sorry to have to say this, but men are going to want to sleep with all the beautiful women who cross their path, literally, although this does not mean they do. If we talk about a real man, you do not want to risk losing what you have to spend a few minutes with a woman who only wants sex. Why is not he with the woman he really loves?

If sex bores them, then they must do something to make it more exciting. You need two for this dance, and if you do not bring the whipped cream, then it's up to him to do it.

3. They go out with women who really like them or who think they might like them

Obviously, we all go out with people we're not sure we're going to fall in love with, but many of them go out and commit themselves to someone they do not like enough, nor will they like it.

Real men understand that women are not objects and therefore do not use them just to satisfy their needs. When they know that they do not like it enough, they cut things out instead of continuing to cheat them.

4. They are respectful

They treat people with respect, especially the women they go out with, or with whom they have married. To have an affair is to lie, and it breaks trust. In addition, it shows that he does not care about his partner neither as a lover, nor as a friend, nor as a human being.

Breaking trust means you can never get it back. If you do, you will have to learn this the hard way.

5. They do not need to add women to their list to feel more men

A real man, he knows he is. He feels with every step he takes, it shows in his behavior and his actions. Too many men these days believe that it is positive to sleep with as many women as possible, as if it were a kind of game and women were collectible.

Well, this game that you are playing I address these men is called life. If they cheat and get caught they can lose a lot and ruin what they have.

6. They would never hurt the woman they love

To be fair, a real man would never hurt a woman, especially the woman they understand as an extension of themselves. Real men love and take care of themselves and those who are closest to them.

If you are lucky enough to have found a woman to love, you must do everything in your power to keep her by your side, happy. There is nothing worse in the world than losing the person you love. Errors are mistakes but they are not always forgivable.

7. They know what is important in life

Real men are too busy working for everything they want in life to bother with excesses. They really understand what they want. But often, even we want more of the good (in all senses) and only if we get what we think we want we feel fulfilled.

For both of us it must be clear that there is only going to be a special person capable of loving us all our lives. And that's the most important.

8. They have the guts to break up with a woman

If he plans to cheat you, then he clearly does not want to be with you. He must mature and be able to finish things, because most likely he will leave, sooner or later.

A real man knows that it is better to end everything at once and heal wounds. He is not a shaky coward.

Why women cheat (January 2021)