8 Reasons to watch a horror movie on your first date; is your best option


If you crush He already asked you for an appointment and you want to surprise him, your best option is to enjoy a horror movie.

Although the idea sounds outlandish or taken from a chapter of The hidden world of Sabrina, we give you eight reasons why a meeting between screams, monsters and evil spirits is better than going to dinner taquitos, walking to the park or to the mall.

1. The physical contact barrier is broken in 3 2 1

It is likely that when the tension and suspense increase, your hands join to provide emotional support and thus have a good management of nerves.

2. They are shown as they are

Their cries, reactions and even their tone of voice in the face of fear, will show them as they are, leaving appearances aside.

3. They will have much to talk about

The horror movies are a peculiar source of inspiration to continue talking for hours because we usually remember the most disgusting moments. However, this will be one of the best talks of your life, they will lose the fear of speaking taboo topics on the first date and they might even know some of the situations they like or dislike.

4. They learn to resolve conflicts from the first moment

Inevitably, they will end up arguing about the end of the movie. But beyond being a problem, they may have a guideline on how they will resolve future discussions.

5. They will not want to separate

After witnessing the most spooky scenes, you will not want to go straight home, so a dinner with burgers and a couple of sodas will be ideal to relax your mind.

6. They probably talk all night

Sleeping will be difficult, not because you miss that person but because every time you close your eyes you will see the face of the ghost or monster that was on screen. To end that feeling, call the boy and talk about entertaining topics; Maybe you'll get a second date.

7. It is the best start of a long list of appointments

Do something different on the first date is a guarantee of a second.

8. It will be an unforgettable moment

Horror movies are already unforgettable by themselves, but decorate them with your crush It is the best thing that can happen to you.

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