8 Reasons to LET go to someone who no longer plays an important role in your life


There comes a point in the life of each person where they must get away from certain people.

When the relationship is fresh, everything seems sweet and perfect, but as time goes on you get to really know and it can happen that you are so comfortable with each other, that the relationship no longer contributes anything to your life or that you can even reach be harmful

If this is not enough to know if you should or should not let someone from your life go, here are some reasons to help you decide:

1. When things are no longer the same

People just grow up, which is perfectly normal. You realize that you are looking for different things, they no longer share the same interests, they no longer understand each other, and they can not connect anymore.

Sometimes it's just a matter of accepting that it takes time to let go, instead of clinging to something that simply will not come back. that was lost a long time ago, or that maybe, never really was.

2. When he does not believe in you

If you think that the other part of your relationship is not giving you support, then analyze what he or she is giving you. You deserve someone who will be there to motivate you along your goals, and believe in you, even more than you can believe in yourself.

3. When things are not clear

Being in a relationship is difficult when you do not know what you mean to the other, or if you are worth nothing at all. If the other does not make you feel like you care, reflect on why you are still there.

4. When the relationship hurts you

If the relationship is making you unhappy, it's time to say goodbye to the other person. You must not allow me to feel trapped, much less get used to being given a deal that you do not deserve.

If someone is making you feel bad or compete with you, eliminate that negativity from your life as soon as possible. Respect yourself enough to get away from someone who hurts you.

5. When they can not agree

It is difficult for a relationship to work if the two people can not accept the different points of view that each one has. If the only thing you and he or she can agree on is that neither of you can come to an agreement, then it's time to walk away.

6. When only you fight to make it work

If your relationship makes you feel as if you are just trying, investing time and love, it is time to reflect if it is really worth it. When someone really loves you, they care about you, about what you want and need.

7. When trust has been lost

If you know in your heart that you can no longer trust a person, then you have to start asking yourself why it is in your life. Trust and loyalty are the basis for any relationship.

8. When it does not give you what you are looking for and you need

Ask yourself if you can live without that relationship, or if it really is something you want and deserve. Sometimes, there is the idea that we can be too demanding with what we want from others, but on the other hand: why should you settle for something less than happiness?

The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go | Jill Sherer Murray | TEDxWilmingtonWomen (January 2021)