8 Hairstyles from the 90s that came back and are in fashion


The fever of the nineties has invaded us: since the return of Tamagotchi, the possible return of Lizzie McGuire, until the launch of products related to our favorite cartoons such as the Reptar bars. 2019 is increasingly similar to the nineties!

And that's not all: the hairstyles that our moms made when we were little have also returned. Yes! The colored brooches, the wide donuts, the wavy lines These eight hairstyles traveled in time to become fashionable once more.

1. Broaches or puques

We loved them! We did not even care that they did not match our clothes, the more colorful the better!

2. Chonguitos by Serena Tsukino

These chongos made us feel a true Sailor Scouts, ready to defeat the evil forces of the Negaverso.

3. Tall columns

We can believe that this hairstyle looks childish, but with the right clothes it can be very flirtatious.

4. Many chonguitos

A look They only tried the most intrepid and crazy, and that is increasingly used by the famous. Would you dare to try?

5. Cutting pixie

Many girls preferred to wear long hair, but the truth is that the pixie He came again to save us from the heat.

6. Waves waffle

Not having a waffle maker was not an impediment because you ran to your friend's house to comb your hair, did not you? It was the favorite hairstyle of every girl noventera!

7. Flowers in the hair

Drew Barrymore liked to put margaritas on her head and now we even use wreaths, either natural or artificial. Imposed fashion!

8. High ponytail with donut

Every girl who respected had a large collection of donuts to her credit. Did you keep them? We hope so!

This Is 90's Vs Now! Come Along For Ultimate #TBT by Blossom (April 2021)