8 Fun memories of our childhood that we should not forget


Childhood is one of the most beautiful stages that any human being can live, that time when nothing matters to you more than having fun with your friends.

Unfortunately, you grow and you lose the ability to be amazed by what surrounds you, and you begin to occupy yourself and worry about adult situations and leave behind memories of your childhood that right now you are going to feel nostalgic. These are some of the most beautiful memories we live when we are little and we should never forget.

1. Have fun all day

When we were children, we only worried about inventing games, seeing the cartoons, going to the park or the little machines on the corner.

2. Eat like there's no tomorrow

We were not worried about getting fat, we ate everything that was within our reach.

3. Being the queen of home

We had everything at our disposal, clean clothes, food, Sundays and all those luxuries that our parents gave us for being the spoiled ones of the house.

4. Paid vacations

We did not have to worry about anything, just not to burn under the sun, now we have to work and save to be able to leave for the weekend.

5. Technology

We used to entertain ourselves with a Tamagotchi or a Tetris, the most advanced of a long time, now everything is Tablets Y Smartphones.

6. Wars with balloons

The summer was enjoyed with balloons full of water and we made wars between the neighbors of the stable or the cousins ​​of the family.

7. Build collections

There was everything and for everyone, caricatures cards, sports, animals and even any figure that could be part of any promotion of potato chips, candy or soda companies.

8. Scraped knees

Play for hours and get home with your knees scraped, your pants torn and just receive a healthy, healthy to resume the next day's adventures.

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