8 European countries where you can study for free


Leaving your country of origin to learn a new language, live other cultures, expand your knowledge or just know new places, is one of the best decisions you can make, although it is not as simple as we think.

Costing school, housing, clothing and food payments is a luxury that not everyone can afford and several universities are aware of it, that's why they offer educational scholarships that cover tuition up to 100 percent, you just have to apply for your scholarships and leave that luck would smile on you

1. Iceland

If you like long winters, Iceland is perfect for you. Here you can get free education at some public universities. Before choosing one, you should verify that classes are taught in English because Finnish is not a very easy language to learn.

For more information check the online page of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

2. Germany

On the DAAD online site there are various educational offers for undergraduate, master's, doctorate and postdoctoral degrees. Each scholarship varies depending on the country, but usually they provide a monthly amount for personal and school expenses.

3. Sweden

Sweden invites people from 138 countries to continue their master's studies at the Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals. To acquire your scholarship you must have a work experience of three thousand verifiable hours, knowledge in leadership and be a resident of any of the countries that appear on your list.

4. Norway

In any Norwegian university you have to pay to register, you only have to contribute a small semi-annual fee of 50 euros. This applies to all levels, including masters and doctorates.

Note: All classes are taught in their official language: Norwegian.

5. Belgium

Although it is only available for 31 countries, this scholarship covers school, housing and life insurance costs. The masterships last for one school year and the courses range from 14 to 90 days.

6. France

Studying in France is synonymous with excellence. The Effiel scholarship for a master's degree includes the monthly payment of accommodation, school fees, cultural activities and life insurance.

7. Holland

The ideal country for people who want to study water issues, development, social studies and economics. NUFFIC, the State agency, is in charge of channeling these scholarships for postgraduate studies.

8. Denmark

The scholarships offered by the Danish government cover everything from the payment of fees to personal expenses; the key is to apply with time, almost a year before starting classes.

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