8 Embroidered wooden bags to give a boho touch to your wardrobe


We love the original and fun pieces to renew our wardrobe. That's why we show you these beautiful bags designed by GRAV GRAV. This company has been inspired by elements of nature to create handbags with unique designs and embroidery on materials such as walnut, oak and beech.

Each bag is lined with leather inside, its embroidery is handmade and its designs are unique and unrepeatable, making them the perfect complement for your outfit this spring.

1. Each bag is a piece of art

2. Because of its special design, it will be your favorite

3. How cute are these watermelons

4. They give a touch chic to your style

5. There is a design for each girl

6. They are made with natural materials

7. So they are a perfect option for girls eco friendly

8. What do you expect to buy one?

John Arbon Textiles - Ep. 79 - Fruity Knitting (April 2021)