8 Cute high-heeled shoes that will make you the center of attention


There is an obsession that most women have: shoes. No matter if they are high or low, with straps or sandals, the important thing is that there is something for everyone and especially for girls to wear with any outfit.

But a pair of shoes is never enough: we have to make them unique, original and that other women envy them; After all, you know what they say: a woman dresses for another woman to admire her. That's why we present the shoes that all your friends will want to have, but in the end they will only be yours.

1. Stilettos

What makes these shoes so envied is that his heel is narrow and goes between 2.5 and 12 centimeters, which makes it a weapon of seduction and elegance. In addition, it causes the legs to lengthen, the chest to swell and the rear to come out, which gives you a more slender appearance. Eye, the trick is to find those that are peak at the tip, or, sandals with ornaments that stand out, you know, bows, stones, studs, ribbons, and so on.

2. Platforms

The heels with platform are the consentidos of the majority thanks to which they are a shoe that can be used so much of formal way as informal. They are high heels but do not tire the foot since its platform balances the weight and height, so rest assured that there will be total comfort when walking.

3. Wedges

These heels are perfect for the hot season, since their sandal style will give you the freshness to show your legs. The best thing is that you can use them with ties up to the knee, with buckles that hold your heels and make your ankle feel more secure or bracelet style. You definitely need at least one pair in your closet.

4. Mules of tip and small heel

They are low-heeled but extremely stylish shoes that are easy to use, in addition to adapting to any type of style, situation and garment. If you have to walk all day, do not worry because they are very comfortable.

6. Glitter cutlery

High-heeled shoes shine, but none do so much as those with glitter applications. The best thing about these heels is that the shine comes in different shapes, colors and sizes, so you can choose whichever you prefer. You can use them for casual, party or formal clothes.

6. Sculptural heels

If you are one of the girls who love what is different, then you will need shoes with a sculptural heel, those that have elongated, geometric designs, with letters, pearls or ornaments. Anyone will look at your feet, that's for sure.

7. Printed shoes

Textured or patterned shoes go well with monochromatic outfits; will be responsible for your outfit highlight and, in addition, there are different models that adapt to any season of the year.

8. Black heels

Every woman needs at least one pair of black shoes: they are the ones indicated if you want a seductive and elegant outfit.

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