8 Colors to project success and prosperity in your life; What is your favorite?


Science says it: colors can not only cause different emotional reactions, but also inner well-being and your luck. It is scientifically proven that colors send waves of energy that attract the positive or negative to your life.

That is why colors are an important part of our day to day. Knowing how to use them to get the most out of you can lead you to success in a fast way and to look splendid in each one of your outfits. Check out this guide that we have prepared for you, and choose the tone that will complement your life.

Positive energy

The orange color combines red and yellow. It is a highly positive color for luck. It gives us a lot of enthusiasm and exaltation. It has the good of red and the good of yellow. He is very sociable, very funny and cheerful.

Good luck in business

The green color attracts hope, health, stability and positivity to your life, but above all it will open your way in your business. In case you already have a business, wearing dresses or suits in emerald tone with golden accessories could attract more financial movement.

Money and success

Gold is perfect for calling money and riches. Wearing dresses or blouses in gold and combining them with white will help you achieve your goals faster.

Good luck

According to the Chinese calendar, the black color combined with red and gold attracts good luck and fortune to all areas of your life.

Love and comfort

The favorite color of sensuality and love. Wearing it in your underwear could attract love faster. In case you are going through a break, you can combine it with black or white, to fill you with peace and balance.

Personal development

The blue gives you serenity and at the same time relaxes your mind so you can make decisions that will help you grow in your professional and personal life. You can use it on clothes like skirts, dresses, blouses and bags.

Spiritual transformation

It is the color of transformation at the highest spiritual and mental level, capable of combating fears and providing peace.

Optimism 365 days a year

Using white will help you relieve anxiety, meditate and clarify your feelings.

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