7 Warning signs that you are NOT yet ready to start a new relationship


A romantic relationship can be the most beautiful thing that can happen to you, as long as you lead with love, respect and there is a mutual cohabitation agreement between you to share your day to day life. Basically we all want a relationship to feel loved and understood, but there are times when, simply, we are not prepared.

One would think that when one begins with a courtship it is because there is a desire to love, but it is not always the case. There are other factors that can lead you to establish a romance that in the long run will end in total failure. Learn to identify the signs that indicate you are not ready for a commitment but you need to go through other experiences before joining your life to someone else's.

1. You want it to be perfect

We all have a series of indispensable requirements that a potential couple should have in order to accept it. In a way, relationships are initially formed as an idealization, that is, we want someone perfect whose virtues completely cancel the damage.

However, you should ask yourself if this is a realistic way of looking at people or it is simply a fantasy. Keep in mind that romantic movies often expose an ideal love that has nothing to do with reality. Put your feet on the ground.

2. You look for a life preserver

There is something known as the Cinderella complex, this occurs when women believe that they can only change the course of their lives and give meaning to entering into a relationship with a man; otherwise, it will be miserable forever.

If you are looking for a relationship to be an emotional lifeline, it is better to inquire about your self-esteem. What makes you want someone to take care of you? It is necessary that you know that you possess capacities that make you worthy for yourself.

3. Looking for someone to save

There are women who only feel useful or with a purpose in life when they have at their side someone weaker to be cared for, a helpless creature. A clear example of this type of relationship is between someone self-destructive and someone who wants to change it.

It does not hurt to say that a person will not change by the mere fact that another tells him to do it or give him a guide, because the change must occur inside. If you are not willing to do it really, you will only be wasting time and you will suffer great emotional strain.

4. You have not been able to overcome your ex

Life is not about a career, about ending a relationship to start another right afterwards because you do not waste your time or because a nail takes out another nail. Women who go from one engagement to another without rest between each usually can not bear to be alone, as being them produces a great anxiety and a sense of loneliness.

If you have just finished a relationship or if time has passed but you have not been able to forget, it is best to give yourself some time so that you can reflect on why that hurt still causes you pain and, most of all, so you can heal if you hurry, you can not really love the other person.

5. You are knowing yourself

You may have made certain decisions that led to some changes in your life and you need to make adjustments because you are trying to find a way to make things work. For example: you changed jobs, you made a trip, you moved from home, city or country. These changes inevitably lead you to a stage of adaptation and self-knowledge.

In moments like that, a courtship does not represent a priority, because even if it could be given, it would be like cementing it in sand since your personality is changing.

6. It's hard for you to admit your mistakes

If you have ever had the certainty of being right and the other person is unable to accept it, you will know how frustrating this is, how to talk to the wall; The same thing happens when you can not admit an error. We are all imperfect humans, even you, and until you accept that undeniable truth really none of your relationships can be healthy.

It takes emotional maturity to put aside your pride and admit that you do not know everything, that you can make mistakes and that you are able to remedy your mistakes.

7. You can not transmit your emotions healthily

Here there are two: or you do not know how to express your feelings and prefer to remain silent waiting for everything to happen as if nothing, or express your emotions in a disproportionate and unhealthy way, even reaching physical and verbal aggression.

It is important that you meet and control yourself. Feeling is fine, expressing it is fine, but you always have to know the right way to do it.

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