7 Trends that will melt with the summer sun; It's time to make way for the new


Fashions are temporary, hence the name; and, like them, so are trends, especially when a season approaches. We are about to receive the summer, so it's time to say goodbye to certain styles, clothes, hairstyles and makeup that we enjoy during the winter and spring.

Magazine Vogue is a fashion specialist and will determine which styles will replace the previous ones this 2019. This time he believes that the shirts off-shoulder they will be replaced by those with only one shoulder and that you have to give way to the fruit prints and keep those that have polka dots. These are the seven trends that are about to die during the summer.

1. See you later, big earrings; hello, medium hoops

The extralarge and large earrings will be giving way to the medium and thick rings. Oh, and also the little pearls; You know, the more discreet the better.

2. Goodbye, leopard print; Welcome the zebra theme!

The Animal Print it will not let us, however, change from the leopard to the zebras only because now it will be a tendency to combine the white with the black and add some color that stands out, such as red, green or pink.

3. The fanny packs will be a thing of the past

During the 90s there was a type of elongated bags called baguettes and now they are back in trend. It is likely that your mother has some in the back of the closet, so it's time to look for you to be the one who imposes fashion among your friends.

4. The mid-shoulder neckline will be popular this summer

We will say goodbye to the blouses and dresses style orff-shoulder to give way to garments that show only one shoulder. This style of neckline will be the sexiest of summer and, if that was not enough, it also looks sophisticated.

5. Hello, fruit prints!

Fruits will not only be part of a diet but will also occupy a special place in clothes; In addition, they will make it look fresh and full of life and color. These prints are perfect for days on the beach!

6. The bucket hats they will replace the straw hats

Surely you remember the bucket hats because when you were a girl, your mother would wear them when they went to the beach; We are talking about the fisherman hats that the rappers of the 80's and 90's made popular. Everything indicates that this will be her year, as the most influential girls in the street style they do not stop using them.

7. Bikinis will now have sleeves

The typical triangle swimsuits have remained in the past; Now you can use the sleeves of bombachas, and do not worry about tanning: the same will be spectacular.

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