7 Times in which Bridget Jones represented you in life


The movie of Bridget Jones It was in our hearts for a simple reason: we have all experienced at least one of the character's experiences, you know, we have had romantic disappointments, we made a fool of ourselves in the family party and we also sing out of spite.

It is impossible to stop seeing it and that is why Netflix did not take long to include the tapes to its catalog of streaming, But what about the last one? Well, it's time to celebrate because it's already premiered The baby of Bridget Jones, and to do it here there are seven moments in which you have identified with the fun and disgusted British blonde.

1. Music, ice cream and amorous disappointments

Although we are very in love, unfortunately many relationships come to an end and the kids we like tell us they are in love with others. So yes, we have all cried and suffered for love and we have sung at the top of our lungs All by Myself, then we ate ice cream and cried until we fell asleep.

2. We have been the family's shame

Sometimes the family is our worst enemy, especially during the holidays and is that who has not passed that at the last minute cancel the theme and you are the last to find out. Shame on all the guests, but what does it matter: you look fabulous, sexy and ready to conquer more than one.

3. The odious uncomfortable questions!

More than once we have attended meetings in which love is all over the room: couples, couples and more couples. Unfortunately you are alone and there is no lack of the guest who asks: when will you start dating someone? , the years are passing and you are not so young, will you adopt 30 cats? .

4. The effort to get in shape

As much as we want, the exercise is not for us, so it is better to leave aside all attempts at torture.

5. The huge underpants

You have to accept it: having a huge underpants is a sign of comfort and we love them, but you never have to use them if you're going to have a date with a sexy guy.

6. We would not be anything without friends

All tragedies, dislikes and worries are resolved as long as our friends are at our side.

7. It's always a good time to sing Like a Virgin

It does not matter if you are incarcerated in a foreign country and you make friends with inmates, it is always a good time to talk about women's empowerment, wonderbra and sing Like a Virgin.

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