7 Things you must do before you go to bed so that you look perfect the next morning


There are days so stressful and tired that at night you just want to get home to rest in the comfort of your bed and sleep until the next day. But it is important to remember that before sleep you have to carry out the care of your skin so that the next morning it looks fresh and repaired.

The best thing you can do is create a beauty routine that does not take a long time so you can rest as soon as possible, at the end of the day your skin will thank you for treating it with the proper care. If you still do not have one, take a look at these tips that you should do at night and that will help you to see yourself perfect in the mornings.

1. Braid your hair

The ideal is to braid your hair, this way you will keep it away from your face. Having it on your face can cause you acne problems. So, girl, try to tie it in a braid as loose as possible so as not to cause any pressure on your scalp.

2. You should always use moisturizer

Especially during the winter seasons your skin can be overused more than usual, so it is important that before you sleep try to moisturize your face and your hands. During the morning you will appreciate having a softer skin.

3. Sleep with a mask

Some experts say that a good way to prevent dark circles or swelling in your eyes is with the use of a mask. This way your eyes will not be exposed and you will sleep without any light bothering you.

4. Smear Vaseline on your feet

The best way to moisturize your feet is with Vaseline. Make sure to use it once or twice a week, after applying it cover your feet with socks. The next day they will be perfect and ready to walk for hours.

5. Shave your eyebrows

If you brush your eyebrows during the night, you will allow your skin to relax, and you will prevent the red face from appearing the next morning.

6. Wash your face

After removing your makeup, it is important that you wash your face so that your pores do not get covered and you do not have to suffer from the annoying black spots.

7. Use eye cream

Maybe you think that only older women use eye cream, but the truth is that you should start to take care of every corner of your body so that later you do not suffer so much. Use cream for the eye area at night, so you'll get rid of the annoying and horrible dark circles. Your face will thank you when you are 60 years old.

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