7 Things that EVERY MOTHER should not forget to tell her children every day


There are many words we can say to our children to express our love, but it is an art how we do it.

Try to tell your children phrases that remind them of these seven aspects every day and you will be helping them to grow as better people.

1. How much you love them

When children hear this from you, they feel safe. Despite the bad times, no matter what happens, tell them you love them, let them know that you will never stop loving them.

2. How happy they make you

There is nothing more certain than this: children are happiness and love. Do not wait for a precise moment to express it, it will always be opportune.

3. How special is your son or daughter to you?

It is necessary that your children know that there are differences, and that each one is unique. However, it should be noted that they excel in some way. Tell them how special they are to you, without any comparison.

4. I like it a lot when you

Let us know when what we do is pleasing to someone else, it is something unique: do it with your children, because you are the most important person for them. Point out any positive details of their behavior, the activities they do and always highlight their talents.

5. How grateful you are for them

Regardless of the religion you have, it is important to thank for your family. Make sure your children listen to you, give thanks for having them in your life, and that you want the best for them.

6. That you have confidence

If you believe in them, you will give them strength to make their decisions.

7. That you support them and they count on you

It is easy for a child to be discouraged when doing something if it does not turn out as expected. You must encourage him to keep trying, and teach him that he is capable of doing what he wants to do.

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