7 Reasons why your mom could be your best travel companion


When we plan a vacation, we almost always think of our partner or friends as adventure companions and leave our family aside. With them we have spent most of our time and it is time to enjoy the side of someone else, this is freedom !, right? But have you ever thought about traveling with your mom? If not, it's time for you to do it.

She is the one who took you to the beach for the first time, she chased you to put on sunscreen, she grabbed you by the hand so you would not get lost in an unknown city and she probably scolded you because you did not pack the jacket she told you when they visited your uncles far away So, if you think about it, she was your first companion in adventures.

Remember: you're never too big to travel with mom. We assure you that, in addition to being fun, it will be a very different experience from those trips of your childhood.

1. Your mom gives you a security that no one else can

When you have problems it is normal to go to your mother for advice and consolation, because she loves you unconditionally and someone who took care of you as a baby will take care of you all your life. So if something goes wrong during the trip she will always back you up.

2. It will help you to enjoy to the fullest

Although we are used to our moms being somewhat nagging (because they care about us), we can not deny that they have the soul of a girl and are surprised with everything. There where you see only a place of food, she sees the best gastronomic experience; where you only see a souvenir shop, she sees something better than a supermarket. You will learn to look at things with your eyes.

3. It is incredibly therapeutic

Admit it, your mom always has the best advice. This is because you have already gone through what you are going through because, although you do not think about it very often, she was once your age. So her years of experience endorse her to advise you on the boy you like or on the career you are studying. Take advantage of the time they have to ask for advice.

4. You will know her better

You have lived all your life with your mother, but do you really know her? Do you know what was your dream as a child? Who is your crush famous ?, what is he afraid of ?, how did he meet your dad? Sometimes the people closest to us are the ones we least know because we are so used to them that we take them for granted. Ask him about his life, I assure you that his face will light up!

5. The experience will make them more united

Travel undoubtedly brings people closer, it is simply inevitable after spending time and creating happy memories next to someone. If your mom and you do not have the best relationship in the world, this will be a great opportunity to smooth things out and realize that the time you have to be together is invaluable.

6. More than an expense, you will feel that it is an investment

Travel is expensive, we know, and we can not always afford to take a vacation or, when we do, we must save for months. In spite of this, you will feel that it is money well invested to see happiness in the face of your mother.

7. It's a great way to say thank you!

For a long time she was the one who took care of you and took care of you; Now it's your turn to pamper and pamper her. There are many ways to thank her: inviting her to eat from time to time, giving her her favorite perfume, even a simple hug would mean a lot to her. But a trip is an incredible way to thank her for the sleepless nights, for not going out with her friends, for taking care of her at all times and for loving her unconditionally.

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