7 reasons why you SHOULD go out with a guy who is a crazy LITTLE

The most difficult thing to find with whom to establish a relationship is that you consider a person worthy of entering your life. That is what happens when, finally, you are a person with experience and mature enough to handle a healthy relationship: you become increasingly demanding when choosing someone who is good enough to be by your side.

The more experience you have in love, the more you can identify what you like and what you do not want in a relationship. The failures of love give us great lessons in life.

But also in this search for someone unique we must open ourselves to certain types of people that we would not have considered before and that can also be special because we are special and deserve someone like that. Maybe someone with a little madness. You will see why.

1. A little crazy and moderately jealous

Surely you expect your partner to have the dose of madness necessary to get and act jealous. Let's be honest: that makes us feel special and means that you are afraid of losing yourself. It also means that, somehow, he is taking over you, so you have to be honest again: you love the idea of ​​belonging to someone, at least in the context of love.

2. He will make you open up to new perspectives of reality

People have different perspectives on reality. No two realities are exactly the same, each one is the result of the experiences lived by a person; and since there are not two beings who have lived the same experiences, there are not two people who see the world in the same way. Those who have a little madness tend to have a much more interesting perspective to share.

3. A little madness makes it fun

Those people who are different, a little crazy, weird, out of the ordinary, usually know how to have a good time, and relationships are about that, having a good time, including a romantic relationship.

4. They are better in bed

Forever. Boring people tend to be that way in any aspect of their life. Especially when it comes to sex. Those who dare to step outside the average, who are adventurous and creative, have more energy and will surely give you an unforgettable sexual experience.

5. Having someone crazy by your side is much more interesting

Which is very important for your future life. Relationships become tired and boring only when those involved are exhausted and annoyed.

People tend to become more rational when they have passed 30. If you now find that your boyfriend is common and boring, rest assured that it will only get worse as the years go by. If it's a little crazy now, in a few decades you'll still have some madness to make your life interesting.

6. If it is a bit crazy, it will be more emotional

This could be bad, but it could also be very good. Crazy people tend to be emotionally unstable people. Or rather, they tend to be very changeable in their emotions. But the right amount of emotional drama is good for you and for the relationship, especially because it helps keep the flame of love alive. (Finding balance will be the key to keeping the spark of romanticism alive.)

7. Life is a story that is written every day, and the best writers are those who barely cling to sanity

Being a little crazy has its benefits. Having a co-author who can add more flavor to your story will make you enjoy it more. The reason for a relationship that is exhausted is that both are bored of being their own protagonists: you need the help of someone else.

Finding a person with the necessary amount of madness makes the difference between an incredible life story and an ordinary one.