7 reasons why having 30 is much better than having 20


When we are 20 years old, we begin with our life as adults: we have greater freedom and independence, but still live carefree and enjoy the great adventures that youth gives us.

On the other hand, being 30 years old means reaching a greater degree of maturity; now we are completely faced with responsibilities and our ideals change. The 30s are not always as boring as it seems; We also know how to enjoy every moment. These are the 7 reasons why having 30 is much more impressive than having 20.

1. You open your eyes to a new reality

Congratulations! Your eyes have accepted that there is something beyond that only apparent. You already know that love is not rosy and you have realized who your true friends are; Of course, you value much more the company of your family. Your eyes open to a new reality, you stop seeing the innocence of the world and above all you have all the tools to face new challenges.

2. Self love is your best learning

When you are 30 you begin to love yourself above any person or situation. Your number one priority is you and that gives you the basis to be happy.

3. You have a great orientation about what you want

You have made mistakes that have helped you overcome your fears, you have experienced great emotional ups and downs, and over time you have learned to have clear goals and objectives to know who you are and what you want in life.

4. Relationships are now your thing

When you are 30 years old, something great happens: the balance has finally reached your life, and you can maintain a stable relationship with your partner, family and friends.

5. Your life as a woman is complete

All the teachings you have gained over the years have made you mature, and now the problems do not take you to the end of the world. You learned that they are part of your life and that's fine. You are in your 30s, you are even more beautiful and your confidence has increased considerably.

6. You have already gathered enough experience

The blows of life have given you the ability to face any situation with courage and intelligence.

7. You live the way you want

It's a fantastic stage; Now you live without guilt, pressure or frustration. You enjoy maturity of life and make the most of every second of it. At 20 everything seemed simple, but now you have 30 and the lessons of life allow you to see more clearly. So girl, enjoy every moment!

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