7 Disney movies that we urgently need to see are all live action!


This is the time when the mogul of cartoons and fantasy stories wants to revive all the classics that once made us dream and have fun. We have witnessed how Disney has created films like Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Pooh Y Cinderella in a real version and fortunately they have left us with a very good taste.

Everything indicates that the real versions of the films are not going to stop, at least for a while, because after announcing their calendar with upcoming releases, we discovered that the best films come, a clear example is that of Mulán. That's why here we leave you the seven films that we urgently need to see.

1. Aladdin

The film is about to debut, so it ranks first on the list. The original had entertaining and special songs that we sang more than once and a character that made us laugh out loud: the genius of the lamp. With this remake We hope that the tape has everything we remember and also that Will Smith does an excellent job as a genius, at least humor already has it. Its release date is May 24.

2. The Lion King

Did you know that in 2019 this film turns 25 years since it was released? This is one of the reasons why the company decided to produce it. If you do not remember it, obviously you will, but we are going to put you a bit in context. The film will tell the story of Simba, a lion who - according to his father's plans - will become the heir to the throne. Surprisingly everything changes for the puppy when his father dies at the hands of the evil Scar. After wandering a couple of years with his friends Timón and Pumba, Simba returns to claim what has always been his: the throne. What we crave most of this film is to see the characters of Pumba and Timón and, of course, the rest of the story. It will be released on July 19, are you ready?

3. The Lady and the Tramp

It is final: we need to see the tender dogs that made us believe in love to refresh our memory and find our ideal partner. The film project is planned for the service of streaming, but do not rule out taking it to theaters. No matter where you project it, we want to see it. Its release date is still unknown, but it is said to be in this year.

4. Mulán

Since it was announced that Disney was planning a real version of this film, the controversy soon broke out. Some rumors suggested that the original songs would not be included, but who would have the heart to not consider strong men and in action; later it was said that Mushu would not appear, but we need it! Fortunately the criticism and the requests of the fans echoed and the creators gave way. We still do not know the plot, but what we do know is the release date: March 27, 2020.

5. Lilo and Stitch

The producers Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich, who made the remake of Aladdin, will be responsible for bringing Lilo and Stitch to life. It is possible that the film runs with the same fate as The Lady and the Tramp, it is planned for the service of streaming. The premiere date will not come soon, maybe until 2020, but we will wait anxiously to enjoy the story of the inseparable and charismatic friends.

6. Snow White

Most of the princesses already have their own movie or have appeared in some as Aurora in Maleficent, but the one we most look forward to is Snow White, she deserves her own film, the real version, after all she is the first princess to occupy our hearts. The project has not yet been presented or talked about, but we hope that our dreams come true.

7. Tinker Bell

Some rumors suggest that Reese Witherspoon will be responsible for producing and starring in the film of the tender companion of Peter Pan. The actress wants the story is based on everything that is unknown to the character and that is also full of magic. It is still unknown if the project will be carried out soon or in a couple of years, we just have to wait for more news.

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