7 Abilities of grandparents who should return


The generations before us never imagined the scope of the wonders of technology. Have a cell phone and download applications on it, install printers with a few clicks of the mouse However, the new generations do not have some skills that our grandparents and parents dominated.

Here 7 skills from a few decades ago in which they are masters.

1. Cooking from scratch

You can not imagine how your grandmother prepares any dish to perfection and without needing a recipe book for everything. It's as if he just followed his instinct! Step by step gives it shape and the taste of the food is delicious and unique.

2. Sewing and weaving

In these times, if we have a hole in our socks or jeans, we buy new ones. Our grandmothers darned by hand! A few stitches and that was enough.

On the other hand, for us, knitting a garment is a lost art. (Here includes embroidery)

3. Canning preserves

Although the packaging of cultivated vegetables has become a fad, the new generations do not even have the remote idea of ​​how it is actually done. The grandmothers are experts and package not only preserves but delicious jams.

Food packaging arose from the First World War, where the shortage of food among the military led them to innovate in its conservation.

4. Ironing as it should be

Unrolling clothes is not good for grandmothers. They ironed, which is not the same, and even underwear, pillow cases, handkerchiefs, among other items.

In this world of polyester garments and anti-wrinkle fabric softeners, the plates have been a little forgotten.

5. Socialize without needing the Internet

Your grandparents do not invite you to eat through a text message or via Facebook. They talk to people. They have met and talked with people in gardens, squares, churches or in social clubs. In the digital age the tendency is to talk less and write more with someone virtually.

6. Bargain

The grandparents used their best bargaining techniques in many moments of life, even when they bought a car. They are masters of the negotiation and they do it without hesitation.

7. Write beautiful letters

Yes, we all write letters sometime.

Our grandparents did not have Internet, so they wrote on paper about their thoughts and feelings. Maybe with a fountain pen.

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