6 Things I want to say to my little brother


From the moment you arrived home, I knew that I would protect you and that I would live with you many adventures. As the years passed, I realized that while I was maturing, you were still a naughty child. With the passage of time, while I was interested in girls things, you took the path of video games and sports, but those different routes do not matter, because I will always be there to be your support.

These are the some things I always wanted to tell you, little brother:

I'm just your big sister

Although I will always act as a second mother to you, I know that I am not. Although I could still complain if you leave the toilet seat up or leave a mess in the kitchen. That's why you often told me I was not your mom, and it's true! Because you are my little brother and I am always going to be second in command.

I never speak seriously when I tell you that you have to mature

I hope you have taken and continue to take the best of your adolescence because, although I always complain about your lack of maturity, my desire is that you postpone growing as much as you can.

The closer I get to adult life, the stranger my home, and all the worries I did not have living with you. Do not rush the years you have left living at home. You are doing well to be just as you are.

I never said anything to mom

All our secrets will always remain as secrets. I may have betrayed you sometime, but I hope you know that our sister-brother bond protects all the private things we share. Please, do not forget that I will always be here to listen to you.


I feel the times that we have fought, or those in which I laughed at you. Also every time I yelled at you to leave me alone and all the times we could do things together and I did not. Sorry. I wish we were never estranged and that we can share many moments from now on.

I forgive you

I forgive you for all the times you destroyed my dolls and my favorite books; for embarrassing me in front of the kids I was taking home and all the insults you've used with me. But I do not forgive you if we stop being in contact and you stop sending me your photos, updating me on what you do.

I'm proud of you

I do not say enough, but I'm very proud of you, little brother. In fact, sometimes I feel a little envious because of the passions you have and the way you pursue them without fear. I am very excited to see where life takes you (but do not go anywhere too quickly). Keep working hard to do what you love: no one can blame you for following your heart. I love you, and I will always be your support and your number one fan.

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