6 Things about the love you learn after being deceived


There is no pain so devastating and horrible that living with anguish. That pain only gets bigger if that anguish is the result of being deceived. It is horrible to feel betrayed, especially when you have given your heart. You feel your heart crushed while it is in the hands of another person. You even get to blame yourself and doubt begins to haunt you, it can make you wonder what you did to cause all this.

With time you recover. Survive You can not live with that pain saved. You gave your love to someone, so it will not be so easy to give yourself back to a person. By being deceived you opened your eyes and realized what you want in a relationship and also what you do not want. Being deceived was absolutely horrible at the time, but in reality it is the best thing that could have happened to you.

Now you are going to insist on how you like to be treated. After all the suffering you will see that love is at the end of the tunnel, only now it will be deeper, more resistant and more stable. These are the six things you have to learn about love only after you have been deceived.

1. You learn that love is not forever

It is hard to believe that a love that you have invested so much in is not permanent. When they deceive you, you understand the true meaning of the expression forever. You will realize that not all relationships are going to be correct.

However, this should not prevent you from seeking love. Love is a beautiful feeling, but we can not fully understand it. You have to understand that in each new relationship something can not work. Having a bit of skepticism is healthy. Delivering the heart to the first one makes you simply naive.

2. You learn that jealousy is the most dangerous emotion on earth

Jealousy can seize you after a betrayal. It is easy to compare your new and your old relationship and ask yourself what you did wrong so that your partner moved away. It's a slippery slope that can fill you with sadness and a huge void.

The lack of monogamy in your partner has nothing to do with you or not everything has to do with him or her. Letting yourself be wrapped in emotions of jealousy will only tear you apart. If that person broke your heart, he does not deserve even your anger, only your mercy.

3. Now you know that people are capable of doing really horrible things

You will learn about the deep selfishness that exists in the world. People are capable of doing unforgivable things, even to the people they supposedly love.

You will be surprised and you will also be horrified by what people are capable of doing to others. This type of destructive behavior will only facilitate your ability to rise above them. Now you know that people are terrible, and you are one of the few who do not share those ideals.

4. Trust is the most important aspect of the relationship

There will never be anything more important than trust. Once it breaks, each relationship will come down. It is the key ingredient to replenish the past. If you can not trust your partner, the relationship will be destined to fail.

Once you have been deceived, your confidence becomes difficult to win. Now you know that it is something easy to break and that only few people are worthy of it. That's why you always treat people with suspicion, you do not want to risk it again. Only with whom you have much stronger ties and those who have shown you to be worthy of your trust is that you trust.

5. You learn that love is not always enough

There is a long education that life has to give us. The lessons are not learned only with what we see in the movies, love is not always enough. It takes a lot more than love to maintain a relationship. It takes a lot of work and commitment. Within a relationship there will be fights, bad moments, terrible things that will tell each other. But no doubt it takes a lot of dedication to solve the problems.

You can not simply expect something to prosper without understanding your partner. Love is powerful, but not only love with love will survive. It takes work and dedication.

6. You have already learned how strong you are

After being hurt and damaged, you will learn exactly what you are capable of. You may have been deceived, but that will never make you weak. The betrayal will make you much stronger.

Being cheated is devastating, but it will not destroy you. We are a collection of lessons from the past. They make us what we are. If you can put aside a serious trauma and move on with your life, you will know that you have won the war.

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