6 Hairstyles that we saw in the Ã? Scares and will be trend this 2019


When we have a celebration we want a look that makes us stand out to feel like true fashion gurus, but sometimes we make the mistake of overloading our appearance. The secret is to choose a focal point and let the rest be simple. If you want your makeup to stand out, opt for a simple hairstyle; If you want your dress to be the center of attention, use minimalist jewelry

If you do not know which part of your arrangement to give more emphasis, we will simplify things: choose the makeup or the dress, because if something taught us the 2019 in terms of style is that the bizarre and highly recharged hairstyles have already passed. fashion; Today is to keep it simple and even a little disheveled.

1. The cut bob was the winner at the Ã? scar awards

2. We could see its variant: cut bob with waves

3. The collected and simple hair to frame the face is trend

4. We will not tire of seeing a look romantic and vintage

5. This 2019 you will not have to strive in extravagant hairstyles, because loose and simple is what today

6. And if you want to take it picked up, do not worry about the little hairs out of place, they are fashionable!

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