6 Gifs that define true friendship between women


The friends are those sisters that we had the opportunity to choose, and every day that passes we thank them because they are at our side as confidants and companions of crimes.

But what really defines your friendship? Well, maybe they are all the moments they share, the signs that can be given with just a glance, the laughter, the shameful events they have faced, the times they have cried for a love and all the secrets they have shared. Yes, surely you also have such a solid friendship, and to prove it here are 6 gifs that represent the stages they have lived.

1. And without thinking, one day she became your best friend

Gif: "When the teacher says they can do the work in pairs." Girls sitting on their periqueras eating spaghetti and laughing happy to be together

3. Now you support it in any situation of life

4. It is the first one to which you send photos of your crush

5. When you suffer for love, they are there for you

6. You hope that over the years your friendship will remain intact

A short story about true friendship (April 2021)