6 beauty tips that we have all tried but do not work

Not everything that glitters is gold, so not all the beauty tips you listen to really work. It does not matter if it comes from generation to generation within your family, there are things that simply will not work. Point.

Therefore we show you some of the tips that you should avoid if you do not want to make the situation worse.

1. Makeup in excess

We would all do anything to cover those imperfections of the skin; but the remedy is not to cover the face with layers and layers of base, first, you do not look natural and second, you only worsen the situation by covering your pores.

2. Make-up only with water

Only use water to remove make-up does not remove ALL, you must also use a purifying soap, mineral water or a cleansing gel.

3. Comb your hair without protection

Remember that when ironing or curling your hair you must use a thermal protector, either in oil or foam, to protect it from heat.

4. Consume products Light

Before eating any food that is marked as light, reads all its ingredients and nutritional table, since this type of products contains refined sugar and this in excess, increases body fat.

5. Use condiments on hair

Forget about applying ketchup to your hair to eliminate the greenish tones caused by chlorine. Some of these products contain ingredients that only make the situation worse.

6. Apply hair fixer on the face

Some women use the hairspray or hair fixative on their face to fix the makeup. However, this could have great consequences because it covers the pores of the skin and its components are not suitable for the skin.