53 Reasons why pizza is literally 100 times better than a boyfriend


Pizza or a boyfriend? If a woman had to choose one of the two, it would be best to throw a coin in the air and leave everything to chance.

No doubt, we love receiving attention, but is there anything more comforting than a slice of pizza at three in the morning? If your answer is negative, then move on to another article because this is not for you.

If there is a universal food that all people, including vegetarians, love, it is pizza. That's why these are the reasons why literally pizza is 100% better than having a boyfriend:

1. Pizza does not care if your hair is greasy, it also looks greasy and delicious

2. Wish you eat until you feel full

3. You can put a whole slice in your mouth without nausea

4. It does not have to be hot to be amazing

5. You can actually enjoy it at any time of the day

7. Even when you are in your period you want to be with her all day

8. You always want to have it in your mouth

9. It looks as good as you

10. There is no surprise when it comes to size, in fact you choose it

11. It's the perfect company for an afternoon of Netflix

12. Pizza will never be offended when you tell it that you only want it at night

13. There really is not a moment when you do not want it inside of you

14. It will always be by your side, or in you

15. It has a perfect curve

16. It does not make you uncomfortable questions

17. You can set it aside and come back for it whenever you want

18. Pizza just wants you to get fat. What boyfriend would want that to happen? Exactly: none.

19. Encourages you to follow the worst habits

20. It can be very cheesy without looking for sex

21. There is always more around the corner

22. Despite being Italian, it is not unpleasant

23. You never have to worry about sharing it

24. Or because someone comes to take what is yours

25. Pizza will never leave you

26. It does not matter if you're a little careless with her

27. You can bend it any way you want without complaining of a leg cramp

28. It always lets you decide when and how

29. And never protest if you're demanding too much

30. It's beautiful, no matter how big or small it is

31. Although the saying between the bigger best applies very well to her

32. It always smells delicious

33. He manages to do his job well always. Satisfaction guaranteed.

34. You do not have to worry about it the next day, just put it in the fridge and eat it whenever you feel like it.

35. It's not illegal to eat it on the street

36. It does not matter where you come from or where you've been before

37. She does not care if you cheat her with other foods, she knows that in the end you will return to her at 2 in the morning

38. It will not give you problems for taking you selfies with it and upload them to social networks

39. You never have to worry about leaving you for a younger and sexy girl, pizza will always be loyal to you

40. Your attention is always focused on you

41. The best part is swallowing it

42. Pizza always goes directly to your thighs

43. Its sole purpose is to give you pleasure

44. Whenever you order it, it comes to you

45. There is no doubt when your relationship intensifies

46. ​​You can customize it to your liking

47. Thick or thin, the choice is yours

48. You are guaranteed to have a good night's sleep after spending time with her

49. You can eat it from front to back or from back to front

50. You can warm it really fast

51. You do not have to worry about unpleasant surprises when it's in your mouth

52. It will not send text messages to other girls, or it will trick you with your best friend to deny it until you discover the text messages (Damn!)

53. You love her even when it's a bit cold for you

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