50% of women have a reserve man in case their current relationship fails

María Félix said: a man has to be cried for three days and in the fourth, you put on heels and new clothes. That is what many women do at the end of a relationship, they even find a couple almost immediately. You may ask yourself: how do you get another man so fast? The answer is simple: they always have a plan B.

When a girl leaves a relationship she begins to see the options that she has around her. Of course, only pay attention to men who seem attractive and candidates are usually ex-soldiers, old friends or colleagues who at some point tried to conquer it.

According to One Poll, a digital company, 50 percent of women have a reserve man in case your current relationship does not work. To reach this conclusion, the company analyzed the responses of a thousand women, revealing that more than half of them had a letter up their sleeve.

The 10 percent said that once they start dating their reserve man they swear eternal love from the first date, while 20 percent indicated that they first go out to meet that person, but hoping to receive a call or message from your ex.

It was also discovered that married women are more likely to have a plan B, because they indicated that they maintain a constant desire to enter into another relationship. In addition, seven out of 10 women said they maintain communication with their reserve man despite not having conflicts in their marriage, just in case they need their help or love someday.

The most surprising thing about the investigation was that one in four women confessed that their current partner knows their replacement man, while one in five said that his replacement man is the best friend of his current partner.

On the other hand, one in three women doubt having to resort to reserve man, since in any case they would prefer to be alone for a long period, making the bachelor plan B.

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