5 Techniques to keep your bust firm; Before 30 nothing in Bra should fall!


Now we are young and we can thank because we have everything in its place, you know: there are no wrinkles on the face, our cheeks look radiant and our body is perfect (actually at any age it is), however, there comes a certain age in which women feel that everything hangs especially the bust.

Fortunately there are tricks to avoid it, from using a bra pushup, until exercises so that it is always firm and fabulous. Rest assured that your body will thank you in the future, are you ready?

Spoiler alert: the first five points contain a high degree of sarcasm, the rest is information that heals, so stay until the end.

1. Make them rise with air

It may seem ridiculous but you must tie balloons to your bust; make sure they are helium so they can rise easily.

2. Work upside down

Although some think otherwise, the bust falls off by not exercising end of the discussion. Well, not really, but just in case you lie on your stomach and start doing push-ups with your bust; It will be difficult, very difficult and you may never achieve it, but you have to try.

3. Get a lifter helper

-I'm here for you
-I know

No, we are not referring to a bra pushup, rather a person who walks behind you and performs the function of lifting your bust. Remember to buy a perfumed talcum so you do not rub your arms.

4. Buy a rosewood board

There is no one who sells them, but you can make them yourself. First you have to get a board the length of your torso, then make a few holes on each side and tie laces; Then hang it as if it were a necklace and put your bust over it. You can also take advantage of it to sell sweets or cigarettes, it's a win-win.

5. Falling back can make you fall, better not do it

Your bust moves everywhere when you're lying down and especially asleep, so you better stop or go to sleep. Remember that this is pure sarcasm.


Every year millions of new cases of breast cancer are detected. Unfortunately there are few women who manage to save themselves thanks to different treatments, the rest loses the battle against this terrible disease. It can be curable if it is detected opportunely, but for this you have to forget about the tapujos and begin to feel your bust, or, ask your partner to help you perform an exploration, so you will discover if there is a change in size or shape.

October is the month of awareness against breast cancer and to prevent or detect it in time you just have to follow these instructions. Remember, if you save yourself, we save all of them. For a better quality of life join #OctoberRosa.

Signs and symptoms

  • The appearance of small lumps that can be felt as a firm knot in the part of the breast or under the arm
  • Changes in breast size or shape
  • Nipple discharge that has blood or is produced in only one breast
  • Physical changes: inverted nipple or an ulcer in the nipple area
  • Skin irritation or changes such as dimples, roughness, scales or creases
  • Reddish and swollen breasts; rashes that resemble the skin of an orange may appear
  • Constant pains in the breasts

Timely exploration

The first step to detect breast cancer is to know your bust: how it looks and feels. You should check it monthly to detect any of the symptoms that we mentioned, and although nothing seems unusual it is also important that you get a mammogram.

And, especially, visit your doctor regularly

It is important to visit the doctor so that he knows your family history and also guides you on ways to explore. It is said that the first mammogram is required at age 40, especially because it is at that age when women tend to develop breast cancer. However, you can do it after 30 or after becoming a mother. It is in you to prevent.