5 Rituals to attract love at the summer solstice


Take advantage of the next summer solstice and attract the love of your life with a simple but effective ritual of love.

The solstice will begin on June 21 at 3:54 p.m. This is the perfect time to strike your crush with a little magic And, according to astrology, the axis of the Earth will lean slightly towards the Sun, increasing positive energies and the possibility of having a new love.

1. A prince in your dreams

Collect eight types of flowers. When you go to sleep put the bouquet under your pillow. During your dreams you will see the man of your life.

2. That love does not escape from your life

Keep the flame of passion alive. For this ritual you will need chamomile flowers, a bowl, honey, two lemons, sunflower seeds, a rose quartz and two sunflowers.

Ask the energies that surround you to keep your relationship free of envy and problems. Place the chamomile flowers inside the bowl, to the west of the container place a glass with water, to the north the sunflowers and the lemons; to the center and front, the chamomile and the quartz. Set fire to the flowers and ask for the welfare of your relationship.

3. Attract your crush

You will need a container, a red candle, water, salt, three red roses and the image of the archangel Samuel.

Fill the container with water and salt, place the image of the archangel Samuel and the red candle in the center. Light the candle, remove the flowers and ask for that special person to enter your life.

4. Protect your relationship

Create a shield of protection over your relationship. You will need a container, water, talismans and sea salt.

Place the water, sea salt and talismans in the bowl. Let it rest all night under the moonlight and early the next day remove the talismans from the container. Finally, put the water in a glass bottle and save it for the rest of the year.

5. A little love and tenderness

For this ritual you need a red rose, water, cinnamon and a bowl.

Inside the container place the cinnamon and the petals of the rose. Ask for a desire for love, the kind of relationship you want, the characteristics of your soul mate, and so on. The next morning, put the water inside the container and use it to take a bath. Let the petals of the rose dry and place them near a window so that love arrives at your door.

Summer Solstice Ritual with Maggie (September 2022)