5 Reasons why you can NOT overcome your almost relationship

Having a relationship implies more commitment to being with a person, but what happens when it comes to an almost-relationship?

When you have an almost relationship you maintain high expectations in the other. In the end it will hurt to know that part of the deal was that he could get away when he wanted to, and now you constantly think about what could have happened.

Take note of these 5 reasons why it is difficult to overcome almost-relation.

1. There is no closure

Human beings always look for a closure or reach a type of term. We need to end a relationship in order to move forward. When this is not achieved, we are left with more questions than answers

In an almost relationship it is difficult to create a closure because it is, rather, to capture the signals. It may seem ridiculous at first, but sometimes it's the only thing we can do.

2. Although things did not happen, you had expectations

Everything that was not said, all the times it was nice even being with your friends, but then nothing happened, it's what makes you feel hurt, because you can not admit that you never formally left with him and you have the need to call him ex-boyfriend or exalgo.

None of us like to think that we have to heal our wounds when we have bet everything in a relationship. But remember that it is very likely that he never asked for your heart: you decided to give it freely.

3. You created your own version of the story

What you did, what he did not do, what he could have done, what was wrong with you, what was good with you. Almost never get answers, we always speculate about what might have happened. And since we are our worst critics, we end up thinking that everything was our fault.

You are responsible for your own actions and those of no one else. Rationalizing what you did with someone is a useless effort. After all, he will not be in your life anymore.

4. Your friends do not understand

They ask you if you have not seen it recently or what happens with you or if it is not yet official. And they are so used to the informality of their relationship, that they most likely think that this time is part of the process.

Reliving the pain of things between you and your almost boyfriend is not easy in front of them, but it will make you stronger and help you to overcome everything sooner. Your friends think you deserve everything in a relationship, why do not you do it?

5. It is difficult to reconcile with what could have been

We are optimistic. We like to believe in love and happiness forever; we also like to believe in someone who is out there waiting for us. That is why we cling to all the futures that we believe in our heads, and when it happens that everything came to an end, we are not so brave to admit it.

Maybe what we wanted was to have a conversation with the other person before everything was over, but unless you ask for what you really want, you can not blame anyone else when you are not giving everything.

If we are in a constant quarrel in the quasi-relationship, every day becomes an almost-story in which we could learn to be braver to say what we want in a new relationship.

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